Seth Gabel Joins 'Fringe'
Seth Gabel Joins 'Fringe'
Fringe's season finale is getting a little bit clearer now.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Seth Gabel, previously of Dirty Sexy Money and Nip/Tuck, is joining the Fox series' cast for its two-part season finale, and could possibly be a recurring character in the upcoming third season. Spoilers after this paragraph, kids!

He is set to play the lead investigator of Fringe Division in the alternate universe. So yes, I guess that really means we will cross over by the end of this season.

Here's a question, though: if Gabel's character is the head investigator of the Fringe Division in the altverse, where does that leave Olivia? If there is two of everything, why is Olivia not where she ought to be over there?

(Image courtesy of WENN)