'Fringe' Videos: Superheroes and a Cow in 'Everything in Its Place'
'Fringe' Videos: Superheroes and a Cow in 'Everything in Its Place'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In the next Fringe episode, a mysterious vigilante seems to be targeting the criminal element in the Other Universe. Could it be a shapeshifter? And, if so, what could be the agenda? These three Fringe videos from "Everything in Its Place" give us a look at the investigation into those questions. Also, we see Gene the cow.

WARNING: The following videos show scenes from an upcoming episode and therefore count as Fringe spoilers. On the other hand, aren't a few spoilers worth it to enjoy Walter and his cow?

The first of these Fringe videos gets right into the cow subplot.

I honestly have no idea of how important Gene is in the episode, but it's always amusing when Fringe focuses on her.

But there is a possibility that taking the cow out to pasture is what allows Lincoln Lee the free time to pursue a very odd criminal investigation on his own.

What is that investigation? The second video from "Everything in Its Place" gives us a look.

Is it just me, or is Alt-Broyles being awfully stubborn about the flimsiness of Lincoln's case? Could this have anything to do with that potentially evil moment we saw a few episodes back? Could Broyles be a shapeshifter himself?

Whatever Broyles' reasons for not being interested in the case, it seems that Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia are quite interested.

In the third video, we see Lincoln, Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia at a murder scene. Their conversation is far from grim...

This video brings up a very important question: Which animal strikes more fear into the hearts of criminals? A mantis or a bat? I personally would be more scared of the superhero Mantis, but I have an issue with bugs. Flying rats aren't so bad.

There's also that murder victim. That definitely looks like something a shapeshifter would leave behind. Lincoln was right!

Or was he?

We'll find out when "Everything in Its Place" airs on Friday, April 6 at 9pm on FOX.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)