'Fringe' Video: The Wait Is Almost Over
'Fringe' Video: The Wait Is Almost Over
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There is still more than a week until the next new episode of Fringe, but we are already getting some maddeningly suggestive videos from FOX. Keep reading to check out the latest promo video for the January 13 episode, "Back to Where You've Never Been."

The video, titled "The Wait," offers a barrage of split-second clips designed to perplex Fringe fans while they wait for another episode of the show. Check it out below:

As far as we were able to discern from the quickly jumping video, the scenes depicted are as follows:

  • Peter confronts a terrified Walter behind several brightly colored pinwheels.
  • Olivia looks shocked.
  • Peter looks determined.
  • Walter sadly views his reflection in a mirror.
  • A man with a melty face (probably a shapeshifter) growls at someone or something off-screen.
  • Lincoln Lee expresses awe.
  • Walternate (you can tell by the suit) considers a high-tech device in a glass jar.
  • We see the view out the rear window of a car.
  • Someone Over There leaps in front of a generic building with a "Be Vigilant -- Report Signs of Abnormal Activity to Fringe Division" billboard.
  • Broyles looks scared.
  • Peter (and presumably Lincoln) prepare to cross between universes.

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  • We see the Alternate Statue of Liberty looking all coppery.
  • A translucent body wheels past on a gurney.
  • Peter looks all tough when facing someone unseen.
  • An electronic map shows something (bad?) happening in Brooklyn.
  • A figure slowly turns toward the camera.
  • Alt-Broyles and Alt-Astrid work quickly in the command center.
  • A zeppelin flies over the Orpheum Theater.
  • Fauxlivia looks intently at something in her hands.
  • There is a close-up of gloved hands cutting into flesh (another shapeshifter?).
  • Peter holds up his hands as someone points a gun.
  • Walter examines something under blue lighting in the lab.
  • A bleeding hand points a gun toward the ground.
  • A woman, probably a shapeshifter, writhes in pain as steam boils ominously around her.
  • There are a whole bunch of sinister triangles on a satellite map.
  • Peter runs across an open lot.
  • A room filled with large glass tubes containing bodies gives off a Matrix vibe.
  • Walter (and Jean the Cow!) looks on in fear.
  • A hand, with the flesh peeling off, presses against a glass window.
  • One of the Lincolns runs down a busy street.
  • Someone leaps over a roof.
  • Lincoln, driving a vehicle with cage-enforced windows, looks at Peter.
  • Bullets are fired into the windshield of a car. The passengers duck.
  • Broyles and a companion leap out of a vehicle, firing guns.
  • Lincoln Lee meets Lincoln Lee.
  • Elizabeth Bishop expresses amazement and possibly fear.
  • A body lies under a sheet with tubes stuck in various places.
  • Fauxlivia points her gun.
  • Two people watch bright lights (a rift between universes?) open in a park.
  • An SUV races down a street, lights flashing.
  • Olivia lies still, kind of like she's dead.
  • Lincoln looks shocked as he exits his vehicle.
  • September the Observer hangs out in a dark room.
  • Walter (or Walternate?) holds up a metal device with a bloody glove.
  • Alt-Universe Fringe people (including Fauxlivia and Alt-Lincoln) race toward Peter and Lincoln.
  • Olivia reacts to whatever she is pointing a gun at.
  • One of the Lincolns smiles as he aims his gun.
  • Walter is back in the lab examining stuff.
  • Peter uses a walkie-talkie.
  • The SUV races behind some yellow cabs.
  • David Robert Jones is seen in a close-up.
  • Olivia drives a car into a bright light.

What does this all mean? We don't have a clue. But at least we can expect answers when Fringe returns on Friday, January 13 at 9pm.

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(Image and video courtesy of FOX)