'Fringe' Spoilers: Guest Casting and Hints of Peter's Return
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Over the course of most of this summer, thinking about the season 3 finale of Fringe has caused a mental condition most accurately described as silent screaming. Don't get me wrong -- it's been a good kind of screaming. The silent screams were mostly of "What happened there?", "What are they going to do next?" and "Peter!!!" variety.

It's now time for those silently-screamed questions to be replaced by answers. Spoilers involving Peter's return, new relationships between old characters and some guest casting do this well.

What Will Happen When Peter Returns?
Spoiler reports and assurances from producers have pretty much laid to rest the question of whether Peter would return. He's coming back. Definitely. The question now becomes: How will Peter come back? After all, non-existence is usually a fatal condition.

The exact nature of Peter's new role remains unknown, but Lance Reddick (who plays Broyles on Fringe), did spill the beans on how a season-4 Peter might interact with the rest of the cast. In an interview with EW.com, Reddick said:

"It'll be interesting once Peter reappears and as the season goes on, we try to figure out who the heck he is and what's this crazy stuff he's talking about. How in another reality we all knew each other. And how do we reintegrate that into the story."

What possible conclusions can we make from that?

  • It sounds like Peter will be back as Peter, not as some nameless Observer or something.
  • Reddick indicates that Peter, unlike everyone else, knows the truth about their mutual past.
  • Peter won't be keeping quiet about his connections.
  • The return of Peter may occur sooner rather than later.


What Is a Peter-less Universe Like for the Characters?
In the same interview, Reddick expanded on how a lack of Peter would affect the relationships between the other characters.

On Broyles and Walter:
"Broyles and Peter weren't that connected, but there is an affection that Broyles started to have with Walter that is gone now. Now it's about keeping the guy functioning so that he can work for us."

On Broyles and Olivia:
"Even though Olivia is still his top agent, there isn't necessarily the same kind of paternal relationship that Broyles and Olivia had before."

On Astrid and Walter:
"There was a closeness they had that I don't think necessarily exists."

So Peter was somehow instrumental in making Astrid and Walter close? That's a sad bit of fallout for the Fringe universe.

Guest Stars Galore!
Navigating two universes simultaneously would obviously place any show in dire need of more characters. Fringe is no exception, with three recently-announced guest stars.

Arye Gross will appear on Fringe first, in episode 5 of the new season. He will be playing a character named Malcolm Truss, described as a middle-aged scientist. Gross is known for playing recurring and guest characters on shows like Castle, Wildfire, Six Feet Under and The Practice.

In the following episode, a pair of actors, Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont, will appear as a married couple. Since the two actors are married in real life, these parts may not be a stretch for them. Root is best known for playing Jimmy James on Newsradio (as well as lending his voice to animated series like King of the Hill), while Rosemont has recurred on Glee in the part of Finn's mother.

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Fringe will return with new episodes on Friday, September 23 at 9pm on FOX.

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