'Fringe' Spoilers and Video Sneak Peeks for 'This Boy Must Live': A Sacrifice Must Be Made
'Fringe' Spoilers and Video Sneak Peeks for 'This Boy Must Live': A Sacrifice Must Be Made
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grab some tissues, because there are only three hours of Fringe remaining. Only two more Fridays of watching Peter, Olivia, Walter, and Astrid attempt to save the world. Will it be a happy ending? They could fail. Or, they could succeed, but at what cost? In this week's "This Boy Must Be Saved" we get a glimpse at what it will take to rid the planet of the Observer rule.

Spoiler alert: This preview contains Fringe spoilers. You are warned.

Sneak Peek: September

You have to love Peter in those goggles! Oh no, the tank!

Sneak Peek: Checking Up

Olivia was the first one to experience the tank and now she helps Walter explore his own memories sans boxers.

Sneak Peak: Father and Son

This may be the most touching Walter-Peter scene of the show's five seasons, even than when Peter went into the machine. Watch it, replay it, and watch it again on Friday.

Walter shares with Peter what happened when Michael touched him. His brain was healed, but more importantly perhaps is that Walter was given back the memories of the other timeline and of Peter. He regained those memories, but not of the plan.

"This Boy Must Live" sets up the challenge that the team will face going into the two-hour finale next week. Here are a few teases for the episode:

  • Fringe flashes forward to 2609.
  • The mystery of what happened to September is resolved.
  • Windmark experiences feelings that are unfamiliar to him.
  • The origin, history and meaning behind "Anomaly XB-6783746" is revealed.
  •  The plan is based on resetting time (see below trailer). What time do you think they will or should reset to for the plan?
  • Another life will need to be sacrificed for the plan to work. Etta and Nina died in the quest to save the world and protect their loved ones. Will someone else be willing to do the same?

Fringe airs on Friday at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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