'Fringe' Season 5 Video: The Observers Want Astrid
'Fringe' Season 5 Video: The Observers Want Astrid
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Things are not going to be easy for the Fringe team in season 5. Stuck in a weird, dystopian future where the Observers want them all dead and gone, how will our heroes survive? Only new episodes will tell us that. But for now, we at least know how the Observers plan to catch them -- watch Astrid's Wanted video here.

In anticipation of the fifth and final season of Fringe, FOX has released a whole series of videos that are meant to be produced by the Observers. These bald and creepy overlords of the Fringe future have now explained the rules of 2036 and laid down the law multiple times.

And now they want Astrid.

It's not just Astrid that the Observers want. Click here to see the Wanted video for Peter.

Along with Peter, Walter and William Bell, Astrid was ambered in 2015. The rest of the world assumed that they were dead and gone -- until Etta and her rebel friend Simon got the Fringe team out in 2036.

This does not mean good things for the Observers. So obviously they want to catch everyone. This video is how they plan to catch Astrid.

So what do we get in this video?

First of all, there are several hidden messages -- possibly placed there by the Resistance -- just as in all other Fringe promo videos. Hidden under the Wanted video for Astrid we have:

"Is this the American way?"

A skeletal Observer wearing a gas mask -- this one is extra cool since the skull exactly overlays Astrid's face in the wanted photo.

An exhortation to "Take back America!" featuring a few more Observer skulls:

A scannable QR code that should take you to more Fringe videos:

And a "RESIST" reminder:

In the glitch that happens around the 14-second mark, is that Astrid's voice that murmurs unintelligibly? It kind of sounds like it. Can you figure out what she (?) is saying?

Will we actually get an explanation for all of these hidden messages when Fringe returns? We can only hope. But we will find out, one way or another, when Fringe season 5 premieres on Friday, September 28 at 9pm on FOX.

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