'Fringe' Season 5 Poster: The Fight for the Future Is Here
'Fringe' Season 5 Poster: The Fight for the Future Is Here
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
No show can beat Fringe when it comes to inventive, incredible publicity. So it's not much of a surprise that the Fringe season 5 official poster is both visually stunning and full of clues about the season to come. Check out the full poster below.

Before we continue any further talking about this Fringe poster, take a look at it for yourself.

And then feel free to gaze upon it at length. Honestly I wouldn't even be offended if you ignored the text of this article in favor of admiring the Fringe season 5 poster. The poster is probably better.

But if you do want to read some praise and analysis of the artwork, keep reading!

One of the most striking aspects of this newest piece of Fringe publicity is the rebellious, almost graffiti-like nature of the design. In season 5, our heroes won't be agents of a (usually) supportive federal government. They will instead be terrorists and freedom fighters (depending on how you look at it), trying to rid the world of its Observer overlords.

Watch the most recent Fringe season 5 promo video here.

It's not just the graffiti font of the writing that shows us this. Even the images of our heroes -- Peter, Olivia and Walter -- are merely black-and-white, slightly hazy figures that almost blend into the background. That makes sense: Everything the Fringe team does in season 5 will have to be covert. They can't just show up somewhere and save the world. This year, they have to save the world with nobody knowing about it.

Of course, the Observers have to show up in any poster for Fringe season 5 as well. They are fittingly nondescript and faceless. We pretty much want to view them as monsters at this point. Hopefully though, they won't be complete monsters. After all, through the interference of September throughout the first four seasons, we know full well that not all Observers are the same.

Could the Fringe team even find an ally from among the Observers? That would be interesting.

How does the Resistance communicate, even within an Observer video? Check out this slideshow for the hidden messages.

The final points of note concern the almost casual imagery that covers the wall. Any half-observant Fringe fan will recognize many of these as the glyphs that have appeared on the show throughout its run. Do they have extra meaning here, or is this just a nod to the past as Fringe moves into the future?

We don't have any answers now, but hopefully answers will begin to come when Fringe returns with season 5 on Friday, September 28 at 9pm on FOX.

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