'Fringe' Renewed for Season 4
'Fringe' Renewed for Season 4
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It looks like the two universes will stick around for a little bit longer. Yesterday FOX officially announced that Fringe was renewed for a full, 22-episode season 4, a somewhat surprising but very deserving early renewal.

When the show moved to Friday nights this year, FOX ran promos joking about how it didn't mean Fringe was dead, and it looks like they were right. Friday night may mean certain death for most shows, but not this sci-fi cult hit.

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The early renewal is also great for the show's writers, who don't need to worry about wrapping up all the storylines by the end of season 3. It means they're free to end with another cliffhanger.

This is also a lesson other networks should take, giving either early renewals or early cancellations to sci-fi shows. ABC is still undecided about the fate of V, which ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. If the network cancels it now instead of several months earlier, fans will be left with absolutely no resolution instead of giving the writers a chance to wrap it up.

The same goes for NBC's The Event, which has such anemic ratings that cancellation seems inevitable. But it would be helpful for the network to make it official before the writers finish the season so they can know for sure that they need to finish all the storylines.

But for Fringe, it just means that the fate of the two universes can be stretched a little longer. Let's just hope they come up with better storylines in season 4 than this incredibly silly "Olivia possessed by William Bell" nonsense.

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