'Fringe' Recap: It's 'Subject 9' Time
'Fringe' Recap: It's 'Subject 9' Time
This week on Fringe, Walter and Olivia travel to New York City to track down a former Cortexiphan subject who may be causing energy-based attacks on Olivia. But is everything as it seems?

Well, of course not. This is Fringe, after all.

This Little Light of Mine

A ball of energy appears in Olivia's bedroom as she sleeps, but when her alarm clock wakes her the energy disappears and leaves the metal objects in her room in a pile. At the lab she tells Walter that the energy touched her and left a burn.

She thinks because of the Cortexiphan trials she may have caused the energy just as she caused a fire as a kid, but her description of the energy reminds Walter of another Cortexiphan patient, Subject 9, Cameron James, who demonstrated the ability to teleport but showed side effects of extreme electromagnetism. Olivia and Astrid go to Massive Dynamic to find the Cortexiphan files and learn where they can find James.

I'm Gonna Let It Shine

Walter finds an evaluation letter from St. Claire's Hospital in Olivia's jacket pocket leading him to believe he will be committed again if his illness outweighs his value to Fringe Division. Walter decides to leave the lab for the first time in three years and accompanies Olivia to New York City to track down James.

When the arrive at his apartment James isn't home so Olivia picks the lock. She notices there is no metal in the apartment and all the mail is addressed to Mark Little. A neighbor tells them James/Little travels on business and will be back the next day. At the hotel that night Walter has a bit of a freak-out regarding the germs in hotels so Olivia takes him out for milkshakes. At the restaurant they are confronted by the energy again.

Movers and Shakers

Walter says none of the Cortexiphan subjects' powers lasted more than 24 hours after each treatment, so he and Olivia wonder why James/Little is able to use his ability now. Olivia goes back to James/Little's apartment but when she calls him Cameron James, he flees and runs into Walter in the lobby.

After all the metal in the lobby moves and shakes Little says he can't astral project, but he still gets the side effects when he feels anxiety. He also tells Walter and Olivia that Mark Little is his real name and Cameron James is his father's name. His father had signed him up for the drug trials under his own name so he could access the trust fund Walter and Bell set up for their subjects. When the energy appears again Little's anxiety causes it to dissipate.

Someone Is Watching

Walter thinks the electromagnetism caused by the energy is a distortion of preexisting electromagnetic fields and asks Little to use his ability to neutralize the energy's power with a some amplification from a power company sub-station.

Little tells Olivia when his ability first came back he thought something was attacking him and wonders if Olivia may be responsible for the energy herself. She says as an adult she has never had side effects from the Cortexiphan trials. The energy appears once more but as Little tries to dissipate it the energy takes the shape of Peter. Olivia fires her gun into the air to break Little's concentration and the energy disappears.

At a lake somewhere, a fully corporeal Peter rises to the surface and is pulled out of the water by a father and son who are fishing in a canoe. The Observer is there watching.

The Return

Olivia tells Walter that she feels Peter didn't want to hurt her and needs her help. Broyles calls Olivia and tells her about a call he received about a man who appeared in a lake who knows about Fringe Division and its personnel. When Olivia goes to the hospital, Broyles tell her the man has been asking for her.

In the hospital room Peter recognizes Olivia but she doesn't recognize him. In two weeks on Fringe, the translucent shape shifters are back and so is Peter, but nobody remembers him and he struggles to figure out why.

With the rewriting of the timeline many events are happening for the first time again, such as Olivia meeting Lincoln or Fringe Division making first contact with Cortexiphan subjects. Are these small shifts in continuity making it easy for new viewers to jump into the show, or are they just an annoyance for long-time fans? What do you think? Leave your comments below!

Samuel Alarcon
Contributing Writer

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