'Fringe' Recap: A Lee for a Lee
'Fringe' Recap: A Lee for a Lee
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tonight we take a break from Olivia's forgetfulness and move on to Lincoln's story on Fringe. There's a shapeshifter causing a stir in the alternate universe and Lincoln volunteers to hop over the border and lend a helping hand. The suspect is only targeting bad guys, throwing everyone off-course. Sounds like the Robin Hood of shapeshifting, or something.

Plus, keep your eyes open, guys! There's a great chance that we may be losing a fan favorite tonight. Let's see how it all pans out!

Lincoln walks into the lab and witnesses a cow, big as day and wearing an FBI cover. "It's grazing day," says Olivia Dunham as though this makes complete sense and happens all the time. Walter and Peter Bishop are petting the cow before taking her to her favorite pasture. I don't know that I've ever see anything so random on this show until now.

Olivia hands over the trinket given to her by Lincoln when he was in the hospital. It was his partner's and in perfect "I don't remember anything" fashion, Olivia doesn't remember a thing. He retells the significance as a "reminder" that his partner opened his home to Lincoln.

Astrid Farnsworth enters with some boxes marked "classified." She was supposed to take her father to Castle Island today and looks pretty bummed that Broyles has her working instead. All in the name of David Robert Jones, of course. Lincoln scurries off to ask Philip Broyles if he could go to the other side in Astrid's place. Broyles puts up a fuss, but he can't argue Lincoln's plea, "I have nowhere else to be."

On the other side, a woman is attacked in a rooftop parking lot after leaving work. The guy pushes her to the ground and is close to striking her when she notices something even worse behind him. A grotesque character turns the tables and attacks him instead, saving the woman.

Lincoln enters a small room in the alternate Fringe Division headquarters when Fauxlivia enters and says there's been a change of plans. While driving to their destination, he lets her in on whats been going on with Olivia and she explains the improvements being seen on their end. Then out of nowhere, she asks Lee's middle name. "Tyrone," he answers.

"What's up, Tyrone!" Fauxlivia giggles as she passes by her partner, Alternate Lee, as they arrive at the parking lot of the attack. All of the victims have reported that their assailants were attacked by the criminal, explains Alt. Lee after he expresses his disappointment in Lincoln for giving up his middle name. They open the body bag to show a seriously messed up dude. This is the only body they've found from the attacks.

Apparently, the shapeshifter has taken the attackers' identity. A guy who looks like the guy that attacked the parking lot woman is putting things in a van when he overhears two workers in the containment area. They pick up some high readings of tissue like that of the problem areas in town. The shapeshifter drops his wallet, yet cannot make a move to grab it. The workers follow the detector and make their way down into a basement where they found bodies stacked all around the place with fungi, it seems, growing from all around. Beyond gross!

Fauxlivia and the Lees (I figure this is easier. You're welcome.) arrive at the scene. She thinks Lincoln wants to go back to his side while they take a look at the scene, but there's no way he's leaving now! There's tons of things for him to actually do! Just then, a random officer tells Lincoln, "Thank you" and shakes his hand. Fauxlivia explains that Lincoln and his universe are seen as heroes here now that both sides are working together to heal their world.

The shapeshifter guy walks into a food shelter and befriends a nice woman who gives him a plate of grub. He sits down and begins to stuff his face when the guy across the table mentions something on his neck. His neck looks like there's a bloody growth, oozing gross-ness. I don't blame the guy for running out of the crowded room.

Fauxlivia and the Lees are inside the body-filled room, looking over the bodies for anything they could use.

Lincoln finds a necklace off of a body that's oozing goo from her mouth. YUCK! He hands the locket over to Fauxlivia and asks about determining the times of death for all the bodies in the room. Plus, surveillance footage in the area could be useful, too.

Back at headquarters, Alt. Astrid baffles Lincoln with her ability to rapidly list off information. Alt. Lee asks why Lincoln is sticking around on their side and they end up naming off things from their path, looking for where the paths diverge. Astrid suddenly finds surveillance footage of the locket woman, but now she has the same irritation on her face that the other guy did on his neck.

They take the evidence they've collected to Colonel Broyles who simply doesn't believe the fact that this is a sign of David Robert Jones and the shapeshifters. Obviously, it's because he is one and he's saving his butt! He suggests Lincoln return home and that his team call him when they learn more. Somebody's touchy!

The shapeshifter guy sits at a field, watching young boys play soccer with a look of loss. Perhaps one of the young boys is his? In a run down house, two stoners are doing what they do best when one of them "needs to take a leak." Way too much information, but it's to his advantage because the shapeshifter guy pins the second stoner to the ground and pulls a disgusting tube-like organ from his mouth and forces it down the stoner's throat. Surprise! You're now a shapeshifter!

Alt. Astrid has pinned the location of the stoner victim who Lincoln believes is the shapeshifter. Col. Broyles looks on as evil guys usually do but Fauxlivia soon steps in to see that little time is wasted. The crew gets to the site and split up with Astrid giving them directions by way of ear pieces. Lincoln and Alt. Lee are in different places, discussing over the channel the ways they must have diverted paths. "I may have just become the man we wanted to be," definitely makes Lincoln stop and think. Soon enough, he spots the shapeshifter and sprints after him. Inside a warehouse, they scuffle and the guy takes Lincoln's gun but doesn't shoot. Everyone else barges in and has him at gunpoint. Lincoln is safe.

Col. Broyles gives Astrid the word to congratulate the team then walks off to be evil and sneaky. He delivers a message by ear piece that they have him in custody. "Thank you, Colonel," answers Alt. Nina Sharp.

Lincoln looks in on the shapeshifter as Fauxlivia tells him they have to get moving. He wants to talk to him and gain any information he can about his partner and the shapeshifter who killed him. "Five minutes," she says.

Meanwhile, a guy enters a building, walks up a lot of stairs and unloads a pretty serious looking rifle. Lincoln steps inside the room to interrogate the shapeshifter. This can't be good.

Looking through IDs and photos, Lincoln asks if he keeps mementos of past lives. The photo of a boy is the son of a woman he once knew. The relationship came before meeting David Robert Jones. "I wanted to feel needed," he explains and Jones could help with that. The guy believes that Jones will "fix" him and therefore won't give up his location.

Alt. Lee escorts the shapeshifter from the building where the rifleman takes aim, really bad aim. He misses and a full-on shootout follows. Fauxlivia makes an extremely impressive shot. "Officer down!" Alt. Lee is bleeding! "The man that you are protecting just tried to have you killed!" yells Lincoln as he slams the shapeshifter against a gate. He has to choose what path to take and now.

In Fort Lee, New Jersey, the rifleman steps into Alt. Nina's office. He informs her that everything is done even though "the redhead" almost killed him. Suddenly the alarms sound. The rifleman has overridden the security breach and allowed for Fauxlivia and Lincoln in to capture Alt. Nina. Looks as though someone has been outsmarted.

Alt. Astrid walks into Col. Broyles' office, looking pained, unprepared to deliver the news. The scene jumps to Fauxlivia and Lincoln overlooking new locations of suspects. Fauxlivia is pulled aside and told something that shellshocks her. "What's going on?" Lincoln asks an officer. "Captain Lee, he didn't make it."

Lincoln walks the rifleman down a corridor where they meet up with Walter and Peter. The rifleman is obviously the shapeshifter and now he'll have a chance to start anew in a new universe and figure out where he can feel needed again. To make sure he doesn't "float away," Lincoln hands over his partner's trinket.

Fauxlivia mourns as she looks over old photographs of she and Alt. Lee together. Lincoln walks in and startles her. "My face is probably the last thing you want to see right now," he says but she makes him stay. She's surprised that he's still hanging around, but isn't it obvious? He says that he wants to stay awhile longer to help out with the case. The moment these two share in this last scene shows how much they need one another now though, both having lost partners and all.

A pretty  heartfelt episode, I would say. Next week, Fringe returns with some crazy action. The Fringe Division comes across victims of a plane crash, but the catch is that none of them were actually on a plane. Plus, in the alternate universe things get serious when the search for David Robert Jones' mole is on. Tune in Friday to Fox at 9/8c.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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