'Fringe' Recap: A Bishop Falls
'Fringe' Recap: A Bishop Falls
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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It's the first part of a two-part Fringe finale tonight and all is bittersweet. The end of season four is near, yet there are so many answers to open-ended questions to learn! I don't know if I'd rather look away to prolong the inevitable or face my fears head on. I guess I should ask myself, "WWWD?" Translation being, "What Would Walter Do?" Clever, right? Walter Bishop has a childlike nature as seen through most of the season, yet as a leader amongst his Fringe family, Walter has definitely stepped up to the plate. Tonight, audiences will see even more from this lovable character.

Last week, the bridge between both universes was closed. We waved goodbye to Lincoln Lee and the alternate Fringe Division, but welcomed the end to the supposed reign of terror from ultimate bad guy David Robert Jones. Tonight's episode will require that Walter return to the dark times in his life, forcing him to face his issues head on in order to help explain an event that causes people to spontaneously combust.
Boston -- it looks like a normal day. People are walking about the Clane Center, going about their normal day. A gentleman orders his regular coffee at the cafe stand and makes a payment on his phone before walking outside. Suddenly, he drops to his knees smoke escaping from every orifice of his body. He's being burned from the inside out; they all are ... all who continue walking. "Don't move. I think it happens when they move," says a terrified woman. Anyone who can hear her stops dead in their tracks while bodies lay dead around them.

Olivia and Peter lie in bed together as he looks at available residences in the paper. She inquires if one particular listing has a nursery. With a smile, he kisses her head and she reaches for the ringing phone.

Walter and Astrid stand at the crime scene where brave volunteers are testing the air around both the dead individuals and those standing frozen. Once he's given the green light, Walter proceeds to check the scene, picking up the phone the man used to make a payment. Astrid assures him it wasn't the phone or the coffee. Broyles walks with Peter and Olivia, briefing them on the situation. Walter, meanwhile, meets a woman and takes a blood sample when he notices the smudges on her fingers. The smudges come from the nearby escalator handrail.

Further investigation of the escalator gives Walter reason to believe that this is a matter of nannites -- tiny robots that affect the blood stream. Any measure of exertion cause those exposed to spontaneously combust. There is no telling how long those who have survived have to live. The woman with smudges steps up and offers herself as a guinea pig in Walter's experimentation. Her name is Jessica Holt.

At Harvard University, Jessica lies on the table while Walter prepares. Olivia does her a favor and retrieves her cell phone for her. Jessica holds back tears as she tells a man named Mike to pick up "Sarah" who, by the looks of the picture on her phone is her young daughter. Astrid notices that her temperature is rising rapidly. Walter must speed up his prepping process as Olivia attempts to keep Jessica calm. Her face boils red as a tomato ... until Olivia holds her hand. The power shuts off throughout the room and Jessica's temperature falls back to normal.

Peter administers a shot to Jessica that eliminates the nannites in her system. Walter suggests to Olivia that somehow she "slowed the molecules down, causing her to cool down." The two women make their way walking down the streets of Boston before Jessica gets into the back of a police car. Jessica says her daughter was her inspiration for acting as guinea pig and Olivia hands over her business card. She then gets a call from Broyles.

Broyles, Peter and Olivia look on at the surveillance footage as David Robert Jones plants the nan-nites. They discuss the possibilities of Jones and his relentless efforts to possibly continue creating another universe.

Astrid enters Walter's lab and lets him know that Olivia found that Jones planted the nan-nites and stops, noticing Walter is staring off into oblivion. Apparently, these aren't Jones's nan-nites, not his structure. "There is only one person who has this structural pattern," he says.

Jones walks down a dark corridor and opens a door, announcing that "Dunham has stopped [them] once again." The tall figure across the room faces its subordinate. It's William Bell (Leonard Nimoy).

Bell demonstrates the plan of action using his chess game. Picking up "the most important piece," he and Jones agree that Bishop must be taken out.

At Massive Dynamics, Walter struggles to make Nina Sharp believe that "Billy" is still alive. According to Walter, he died the day before New Years Eve in 2009, but Nina says it was Christmas. The truth comes out when she says Bell was suffering from lymphoma and trying to end it for some time. He would never try to destroy the universes. We'll see about that. "I'll prove it to you!" shouts Walter.

He travels to St. Claire's Hospital, his past home when classified as "crazy." He sits in his old room, walks the same halls ... He, Peter and Olivia sit in Dr. Belfor's office, looking for any answers they can possibly gain from the facility. Walter, grumpy and acting geriatric as ever, sits holding old hospital records. During a boasting of his emotions, he picks up a scent from the notebook and continues sniffing like a dog, even licking the paper! "Are you ...?" asks the doctor. "Crazy? No," says Walter. He asks to borrow the notebook. Who would want it after seeing a crazy, old guy lick it? Walter walks away with his records.

At home with Peter and Olivia, being adorable, she cuts her finger on a knife while cooking. Nervous, she expresses her worries over all that is going on. Peter assures her that he "won't lose her again." An extremely bright light is seen through the window and the two pop their heads between the curtains to look out, wide-eyed. Broyles makes his way to the top of a building, in the middle of the night, joining his Fringe team. A beam of light shines down on the town. It focuses on a building and the building is destroyed floor by floor!

Olivia and Peter are in their car, heading straight for the beam. Walter is on the phone with them in his lab while Astrid taps into a computer system. Jones is reflecting the sunlight onto Boston in order to set the city on fire ... basically. Astrid finds the frequencies at which Jones is doing this and Walter tells Peter and Olivia where to go in order to investigate the satellites being used. Walter stops for a moment because his lemon cake is apparently ready. Got to love this guy! The couple arrive at their destination and make their way to the satellites. David Robert Jones sits in a car not far away, watching and waiting for the perfect time to pounce.

Walter has had another genius moment stemming from pure ridiculousness. His lemon cake has been mixed with pig brains which, when mixed with the cortexiphan on a sheet of paper ripped from the hospital records, fingerprints appear. Also, a brown smudge that turns out to be almonds. It seems that Belly had a thing for almonds. Walter makes his way out of the lab, wanting to prove Belly's existence. Astrid doesn't want to, really, but she goes with him because Walter doesn't drive.

Olivia and Peter sit atop different parts of their assigned building, turning off the signals from their respective satellites. The beam is shut down, but Jones isn't. He comes up behind Peter and kicks him in the back, knocking him to the ground.

A fight ensues and it looks as though Jones is winning until Olivia stands with her gun facing Jones. The cops come at the wrong time and force Olivia to drop her weapon. Without it, she somehow channels Peter and fights Jones, as if she had a remote control. He falls into the satellite and then to the ground. "I was the sacrifice. I was the bishop," he says and part of him disintegrates.

Walter and Astrid make it to a warehouse, HT Imports, and speak to the owner, looking for someone who, according to the sketchy guy, no longer works there. The guy walks off in a hurry and Astrid shows her fear, letting Walter know that he had a gun. Walter insists they make their way deeper inside where large storage trailers are being moved around. Sketchy guy walks up on the two, Astrid pulls her gun but is beat when another guy with a rifle comes up behind her. She makes a quick ninja move and kicks him. Pulling Walter out of the way they run through a maze of trailers, dodging bullets left and right. Unfortunately, one of those bullets catches a victim, Astrid. NOOOOOO! She falls to her knees and Walter scoops her into his lap. William Bell walks up, chuckling. He thought he'd never see his old friend again, it seems.

There cannot be just one episode left! There must be more! Has to be! Make sure you all tune in next Friday for the Fringe season four finale. The battle will end in one unforgettable moment that no one will want to miss. 

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Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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