'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'The Consultant'
'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'The Consultant'
A plane crash on the other side results in the death of the three men onboard, as well as their counterparts. Collaborating with the other universe, Walter deduces that the two worlds have been linked to vibrate on the same frequency. Just as Alt-Livia suspects, David Robert Jones and his partner are behind it. Jones attempts to blackmail Alt-Broyles into collapsing both universes by reminding him that he is injecting his sick son with medication to save him. However, Alt-Broyles is discovered as the mole and captured before completing the task. Here are the 10 best quotes from "The Consultant."

Walter: Domesticated badgers. Really? As pets?

- In terms of strange pets I would want, a meerkat definitely tops that list.

Walter (to Olivia): I'm sure you lovebirds could use a little time together ... And thank you, for trusting me. It's a really big step for me.

- I love that Walter has a relationship with Olivia that is practically father-daughter.

Walter: It's a miracle we made it in one piece. You drive like a daredevil.
Astrid: For the eleventh time, Walter, I drive the speed limit.
Walter: Most automobile fatalities occur driving between work and home.
Astrid: Yeah, so does most driving.

- Walter must be the worst backseat driver ever. Though for whatever reason, I always imagined he would be a wild driver himself.

Walter: The pillow I was given last night left me with a terrible crick. Apparently this universe hasn't discovered memory foam.

- I have really taken a liking to the alternate universe, despite their lack of advanced sleeping platforms. 

Peter: How could these people have been in a plane crash if neither of them was in a plane?
Walter: Right. There is that. 

- My question is: Why wasn't Greg Grunberg the pilot of that plane? You know I love to sneak in a Lost reference whenever possible. Forewarning: next week's article will probably contain several considering Henry Ian Cusick is guest starring.

Guard: Are you on any medications?
Walter: Several, mostly recreational.

- Anytime Walter mentions drugs it reminds me of the pilot when he was overly excited about making LSD. Speaking of, the dream-inducing water tank has always fascinated me. They should bring that back.

Walter: I wanted to bring a casserole.
Alt-Livia: Casserole?
Walter: In times of grief, people need to eat, but apparently it's forbidden to transport perishables between the universes.

- As nice as the gesture is, I don't think I would go anywhere near Walter's casserole. Red vines, bacon, and strawberry milkshake does not sound like an appetizing combination.

Walter: Then perhaps it's time to give some though to the dog that did not bark.
Alt-Livia: I don't understand.
Walter: Sherlock Holmes. Fictitious detective. Pension for cocaine.
Alt-Livia: No, not on this side.

- How does the alternate universe not have Sherlock Holmes! That needs to be amended, now.

Meana (to Alt-Livia): As bad as you think things are now, things are going to get much worse.

- At the beginning of this episode, I was unsure of how there could be anything worse than Peter disappearing from existence and Olivia being marked for death. But I guess destroying both universes would do the trick.

Alt-Broyles: If you had to do it all over again, would you make the same choice?
Walter: If you had asked me that question a few months ago, the answer would have been, "No." But now that I have met my adult son, got to know him, I don't know that I'd do anything differently.

- The interesting thing about this episode was that it practically placed Alt-Broyles in the same situation that Walter was in when young Peter was sick. Both were acting as fathers to protect their dying sons and willing to shake the world to save them.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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