NBC and DirecTV Close to Renewing 'Friday Night Lights'
NBC and DirecTV Close to Renewing 'Friday Night Lights'
An NBC insider spilled the beans to Michael Ausiello that the studio is “"actively looking at ways to keep FNL going." The first step to keeping a series around is having the network executives behind it and it looks like the folks are still on Coach Taylor's team. So much so that it seems NBC and DirecTV might only be able to seal the deal if they secure two more seasons. That's right, two more seasons of Friday Night Lights!

This last season, NBC and DirecTV have tried out a unique shared-window experiment with Friday Night Lights. The numbers must've been good if they are considering pursuing this option again. Ausiello reports another NBC source revealed, "We're very optimistic a deal will be worked out."

There are a couple of potential snags in this beautiful plan. First and foremost, Friday Night Lights creator Jason Katims is already signed on with NBC's Parenthood pilot, which will be based on the 1989 hit movie “Parenthood” in Philadelphia. Either he'll pull a JJ Abrams and work on both series if Parenthood gets picked up, or he'll have to make a choice. That choice would probably be a no-brainer if Parenthood has as much potential as the buzz surrounding it.

The second problem could be that the Friday Night Lights' number one director, Jeffrey Riener will be directing NBC's Trauma pilot, a medical procedural about a team of EMTs. His decision might be a bit harder if Trauma gets picked up.

So will Friday Night Lights be coming back? We don't know for sure but we hope that Katims and Riener come back with it. Katims' knack for storytelling and Riener's unique visual style made Friday Night Lights what it is today. But, I'll be honest, I'd be happy to see it get two more seasons no matter what.

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