'Friday Night Lights' Starts Off on Right Foot, Promises Sexier Second Season
'Friday Night Lights' Starts Off on Right Foot, Promises Sexier Second Season
NBC's critically-hyped yet flailing football drama, Friday Night Lights recently returned to primetime television with a respectable opening of its second season last Friday.  The sophomore series, whose fate remains in the hands of weekly patrons, opened in a tie with the second installment of the freshman vampire show, Moonlight.  On its premiere offering for its new season, the show was watched by 6.5 million viewers overall.

Fans of Friday Night Lights must rally behind it if the show is to stay on the air, especially after NBC nearly didn't pick it up after the close of its first season.  Perhaps one reason for more viewers to tune in this time around are the sexier sequences said to be in greater abundance as the season rolls out.  Two of the stars of Friday Night Lights clue us in on what could potentially be a bigger draw to aid the ratings-needy franchise.

"There are a large number of shower scenes," Adrianne Palicki, who plays Dillon High's resident vixen, Tyra Collette, disclosed.  In the season opening episode, her character's first onscreen appearance shows her clad only in a bikini and sucking on a provocatively shaped popsicle.

For his part, Jesse Plemons, who portrays the geeky and often socially awkward Landry Clarke, revealed that the boys will be doing their fair share of skin-baring this season.

"We've also had a few [nude] scenes in the locker room," Plemons added in response to his co-star's revelation.  "The good thing is that Landry's not really OK with taking his clothes off - unlike Riggins [played by Taylor Kitsch].  Taylor has been complaining the most about having to take off his shirt."

Aside from the promise of more skin and sexiness on the tube, Palicki and Plemons could also provide additional incentive for more viewers to stick with Friday Night Lights.  Their characters had previously embarked on a more personal relationship at the end of last season and the future of their secret liaison makes for one of the more riveting storylines as this season unfolds.

"I would love for them to be together," Palicki confessed. "Tyra deserves a good guy."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Variety, USA Today
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