Friday Night Lights: Scott Porter's Final Episodes Begin Tonight
Friday Night Lights: Scott Porter's Final Episodes Begin Tonight
Last week's episode of Friday Night Lights was one of the more emotional hours in the show's history.  It marked the first time fans had to say goodbye to one of the original characters, as Smash (Gaius Charles) left town to focus on his future.  The episode wrapped up Smash's storyline perfectly, but it was still sad to see him go.  Dillon, Texas just won't be the same without him.

Smash may be gone, but tonight's episode of Friday Night Lights marks the long-awaited return of Jason Street.  Scott Porter will appear on four episodes of the series to wrap up Jason's arc and send the character off in a new direction.

When creator Peter Berg brought FNL to television, he had a plan to switch up the younger characters every few seasons to keep the show grounded in realism.  Nobody stays in high school forever, and Berg wanted to allow the characters to evolve and move on.  Executive producer Jason Katims has stuck to that vision, which is why season 3 of the series is shipping off Smash and Jason.  It's a daring move considering how beloved the characters are, but it does make the show more emotionally powerful.

When we last saw Jason, he had just learned that the waitress he had a fling with, Erin, was pregnant.  Such a thing was seen as an impossibility after his accident, which is one reason Jason was excited about having a child.  On tonight's episode, entitled "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Jason learns that Erin wants to move back east with her parents, and she plans to take the baby with her.  The episode also finds J.D. McCoy stealing more of the limelight from Matt, and Tyra seeing a new side of Cash.

You can see the promo for "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" below.  Matt (Zach Gilford) gets angry with Eric over the J.D. situation, Jason receives bad news from Erin, and Tim (Taylor Kitsch) and Billy get in a fight that ends with a gun being drawn.

The new episode of Friday Night Lights airs tonight at 9pm on DirecTV.

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