Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.13 "Tomorrow's Blues"
Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.13 "Tomorrow's Blues"
Here we go—Friday Night Lights, the season finale.   And you thought we wouldn’t get this far.  We know this almost didn’t happen, the end of the third season.  Later, we thought this almost happened, the series finale.  While the show has had its shares of critical applause, the ratings just didn’t justify keeping this around—until the networks decided to do just that.  Thirteen episodes later, we’re seeing a season nicely rounded off, with a guarantee that we’ll see them back for at least two more.

So, last week.  It was the state championships, and things almost got wrecked when things among the McCoys got a bit too complicated.  And then there’s the Taylors’ decision to intervene, which perhaps wasn’t a good move. Now here’s a line you must toe—either you work for everybody’s benefit, even if it means overstepping the line, or you keep quiet and watch everything self-destruct.  You might actually be hoping for the family turmoil to have a good ending—J.D. is, after all, doing very well until this came up—but sometimes others have to get dragged to the situation.  And, sadly, that’s what happened to the Taylors.

So, was it a right move?   Eric (Kyle Chandler) loves J.D. so much.  Let’s face it.  There was hesitation from the beginning, but sooner than later he’s become well integrated to the team and to the town at large.  Coach can’t help but feel responsible for the kid’s upbringing, thus the decision.   You can’t blame him for wanting the bets for the boy.  Ahhh, good humans still exist, and it’s a good thing to hear.

Of course, the downside is, Katie wants to disassociate from Tami (Connie Britton), and the issues still affected J.D.’s game, ultimately leading the Panthers to lose an almost-upset.  Then again, it was a close fight, and each were worthy competitors.  And Eric has to keep positive about it.  Insert the most poignant ending ever.

Tonight, again, is the final episode for this season, and after the highs and lows of the state championship, everyone at Dillon High sets their sights on the future.  Tim (Taylor Kitsch) has second thoughts.  Matt (Zach Gilford) gets ready.  Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) still gets help from Landry (Jesse Plemons).   Lyla (Minka Kelly) is unsure.  And a wedding, or so it looks, or maybe it’s the prom, or something, or whatever.  The season finale of Friday Night Lights hits tonight from 9pm on NBC.  Fans, here’s to the next two.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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