Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.4 "Hello, Goodbye"
Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.4 "Hello, Goodbye"
Now I understand why organizing big barbeques can be stressful.

Friday Night Lights resumes its arguably long-delayed free-to-air television run this Friday, but before we talk about that, I'd like to return to what happened last week.  You know, that feeling of being surrounded by almost everybody else? Eric (Kyle Chandler) is under pressure to replace Matt (Zach Gilford) with this supposedly great quarterback.  Everywhere you go, you get all these feelers, and then they start infiltrating even the most sacrosanct of events: the annual Panthers barbeque.  Everything seems to go fine, but you know he's uncomfortable, and then it happens: on that week's game, the Panthers lose, thanks to Matt's fumble.  Eeek.

Sports people really have to deal with stress, but I never thought it can get that serious and that personal.  Well, I guess I really have to get out more often.  Or, I have to realize that we're all the same, and that feeling of being surrounded is one thing all of us have in common.  I guess I was just mesmerized all over again.

The next episode is named “Hello, Goodbye”, and the episode synopsis seems to hint that we'll be given a break on the replace-Matt frenzy.  But stress, well, nobody gets away with it.  Bad boy Cash (Zach Roerig) woos Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) and leads to something going to an end.  Smash (Gaius Charles), who finally decides to take that job at Alamo Freeze, goes through an emotional goodbye.  But it seems Matt will be in hot water once again—after that loss, his mother (guest star Kim Dickens) suddenly comes back and tries to pick up where she left off, as if she never left.

Stress, much?  Well, we'll see.  We've got a handful of preview clips here, which should give a sense of how things will go, but to get the full picture, tune in to NBC from 10pm for that episode of Friday Night Lights.  And, perhaps, appreciate stress in a different light.  Or something.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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