Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.6 "It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.6 "It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy" Recap
Last week's episode of Friday Night Lights caught us up with the not-so-awesome life of Jason Street.  Whereas Smash has gone off to college and achieved great success after graduating, Jason is stuck working at the car dealership and struggling to provide for his baby.  After failing to adjust to life in Dillon, Emma decided to take baby Noah back east to live with her family. Aside from that drama, Eric decided to make J.D. the star quarterback, much to Matt's dismay.

This week on Friday Night Lights, we learn that life isn't all peaches and cream for J.D. McCoy, even if he is known for having the best bare backside in Dillon.

It's time for the freshman Panthers to participate in an annual rite of passage.  Tim (Taylor Kitsch) and his teammates force them to strip down to run a naked mile, though J.D. has to run to the field house instead of the water tower.  Coach sees the new quarterback sneaking around with a picture over his privates and offers to drive him home.  Hopefully he'll put on his clothes first, otherwise his dad is bound to kill him.

Erin has packed her bags and is ready to drive back east with baby Noah.  Jason (Scott Porter) still has hope that they'll end up together, but her kiss goodbye feels awfully final.  He sends her off by saying "I love you," but she doesn't return the sentiment.  Over in the McCoy household, we get a glimpse of the pressure the kid is under.  His parents are convinced he'll kick ass at the big game on Friday, and his dad reminds him that he doesn't have time to think about girls while football is going on.  Come on, there's always time to think about girls!

Grandma Saracen is ready to give Eric a piece of her mind over his decision to sideline Matt.  She thinks the coach has lost his damn mind.  Things may be tough for Matt, but Landry (Jesse Plemons) doesn't have it much better.  His fellow Crucifictorious bandmates quit after he criticizes their skills one too many times.  As if that isn't bad enough, Tyra and Cash are still going strong.  She's planning to work overtime to pay for her college applications, but Cash offers to give her the money instead.  One could say Cash is made of cash, but of course I would never make such a terrible pun.  Tyra's mom tells her to hold on to the guy, who she thinks must be great if he's already willing to take care of her.

J.D. has earned the nickname "Naked Gun" after his streaking incident.  Eric (Kyle Chandler) pulls Tim aside and chastises him for organizing the naked mile.  The team needs to be behind J.D., so it's important that Tim accepts him and makes him part of the family.  To make peace with the new QB, Tim decides to take him on a special tour of Dillon.  Instead of pointing out the classy joints, Tim shows him The Landing Strip and the best dive bar in town.  J.D. wonders if Coach forced him to be nice, but Tim claims it was all his idea. 

Grandma Saracen finally gets a chance to lay into Eric when she runs into him at the grocery store the next day.  Matt (Zach Gilford) and Julie share a sweet moment while Coach charms Grandma and convinces her everything will be alright.  Meanwhile, the wacky all-male sitcom continues over in Street's new house.  Billy decides to bust down a wall with a sledgehammer and purchases a ridiculously expensive toilet, which leaves Jason fuming.  He heads to the lumber yard for supplies and runs into Eric, who is surprised to hear that he owns Buddy's old house.  Jason makes it sound like everything is sunshine and roses, but Coach suspects otherwise.

Cash has a baby mama and a baby to go along with it!  I knew the guy couldn't be completely perfect.  The mom shows up at Tyra's place to ask Cash for overdue child support, but he's nowhere to be found.  Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) rants to Julie about the deadbeat dad, but the conversation only ends up reminding her of Landry.  When Tyra finally gets a chance to talk to the rodeo hunk, she gives him his money back and tells him to give it to his baby mama.

After winning the big game on Friday, Tim offers to take J.D. out to celebrate.  Unfortunately, Joe shows up to drag his son to Applebee's instead.  Lyla (Minka Kelly) comes to practice the next day to ask Tim to the Dillon dance, which Tami is also dragging Eric to.  Tim agrees to get all dressed up for the big event, proving that he's a changed man.  Riggins in formal wear?  It's like the bizarro world.

A girl named Devon wants to become the new guitar player for Crucifictorious.  She can also sing a lot better than Landry, which makes her a shoo-in for the band.  Meanwhile, Eric visits Jason at his half-destroyed house, but the former QB can no longer keep up the happy-go-lucky act.  He breaks down and admits to his worries about becoming a deadbeat dad, which Eric promises him won't happen.  Coach decides to hang out for a bit to help with some much needed repairs.

Matt invites Julie (Aimee Teegarden) to go swimming at the lake, finally giving them time to reconnect.  As tough as things have been for Matt, he's at least happy that he doesn't have to spend every Saturday worrying about what he did wrong in the big game on Friday.  The day at the lake soon turns into a make-out session, which then becomes an overnight adventure.  Did Matt and Julie sleep together?  Their silence and sly smiles heavily imply that they did.

The Dillon dance is in full swing, though Eric is nowhere to be found.  Tyra tells Tami (Connie Britton) that she broke up with Cash, while Landry spends some time on the bleachers with Devon.  She thinks that all of his songs sound like they're about one girl, and that the band could be in better shape if he'd just get over her.  After that very special girl heads home to drown her sorrows in ice cream, Cash shows up to explain himself.  He tells her that it's not his baby and that the girl is crazy.  He hooked up with her once five years ago, but the kid is only two years old.  Tyra agrees to forgive him, but is he telling the truth?

Tim accompanies Lyla to the dance, but after running into a bored J.D. he decides they should all head out and get wasted instead.  J.D.'s dad doesn't allow him to drink, so he agrees to play the role of designated driver.  That doesn't last long once he gets to the house party, where he's once again called Naked Gun and  pressured to get drunk off his ass.  People snap cell phone photos of J.D. acting like an idiot, which his dad is bound to see on Gossip Girl's website in about five minutes.

As Friday Night Lights wraps up, Joe pulls Eric aside at church and forces J.D. to apologize for getting drunk the night before.  Thankfully, Eric doesn't tell him about the naked mile incident.  Things ain't easy for J.D. McCoy, but they're getting a little better for Jason.  His house is coming together nicely, and he also gets a chance to sing to his baby over the phone.  Next week's episode will focus heavily on Street's baby mama drama as the show prepares to say goodbye to Scott Porter.

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