Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.4 "Hello, Goodbye" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.4 "Hello, Goodbye" Recap
Last week's episode of Friday Night Lights found the Taylors mixing it up with the filthy rich.  Tami was thrilled when Katie McCoy offered to host the barbecue for the football players, but the event also allowed Joe to corner Eric about putting his son on the field.  The idea became a little more tempting for the coach after Matt failed to impress at the big game.  Off the field, Tim helped Billy steal some copper wire that he plans to sell for a bundle of cash.  Knowing Billy, that get-rich-quick scheme is going to backfire in a big way.

It's time to say goodbye to Smash on this week's Friday Night Lights.  Will he finally achieve his dream of playing for Texas A&M, or is the Alamo Freeze all that awaits in his future?

This week's episode starts with the Riggins boys and the Collette girls attending the local rodeo.  Landry has tagged along to hang with Tyra (Adrianne Palicki), but he becomes invisible the moment she sees a studly guy named Cash riding a bucking bronco.  She grabs a drink with the cowboy later, and even shares a dance with him after explaining that Landry is most definitely not her boyfriend.  Meanwhile, Coach and Smash practice for his upcoming walk on with Texas A&M.

Matt (Zach Gilford) tries to trick his grandma into taking her pills by hiding them in her oatmeal, but nothing can get her to eat the cinnamon-flavored mush.  At the school, Buddy has called some people to take measurements for the JumboTron, which Tami thinks is jumping the gun just a bit.  They have a meeting coming up about the scoreboard, but for now it's off the table.  The only problem is that Buddy's is pals with a board member named Paul, so Tami may not stand a chance.

After Landry (Jesse Plemons) gets his wisdom teeth removed, he calls Tyra and invites her over for a night of Repo Man and Cherry Garcia.  There was another Repo Man reference on Gossip Girl a few weeks ago, so apparently it's the crazy date movie of choice at the moment.  Tyra turns him down and tells him to go sleep off his drug-induced haze.  While Landry rambles about how much he loves his mom's minivan, Coach tries to decide whether he should replace Matt with J.D. in Friday's big game.

Matt's mom, Shelby, shows up at school unannounced and offers to give him a ride home.  They don't talk much during the drive, but afterward she offers to help him with anything he needs.  Her first order of business will be to take Grandma to a doctor's appointment the next day.  Meanwhile, Tyra flirts with Cash while shucking crabs.  She learns that he went to high school with Billy and used to be a star baseball player.

The only thing funnier than Landry is a medicated Landry.  He sits on the couch watching Deal or No Deal while Smash (Gaius Charles) and Matt look up information about the Texas A&M guy Smash will be meeting with.  Once Landry starts rambling about Tyra, Smash says that things are getting "sad and weird" and takes off.  Landry's waiting for Tyra to show up, but she's still busy spending time with Cash.  The smooth cowboy is on painkillers for a shoulder injury, which hopefully won't turn into a crazy addiction.  Tyra tells him that she needs to go nurse Landry back to health, but after one kiss she forgets all about her former flame.

While power walking with Katie McCoy, Tami (Connie Britton) rants about Buddy's connections with the school board.  Katie advises she wear her hair down and corner Paul somewhere before the meeting to get a leg up.  The next day, Tyra invents a fake family emergency to explain to Landry where she was the night before.  Oh Tyra, this isn't going to end well.

Both Matt and J.D. get a chance to show off their best moves at practice, but J.D. is more impressive.  As if that issue isn't annoying enough, Matt also has to deal with his grandma's stubbornness.  She doesn't want Shelby taking her to her doctor's appointment, and she lets the woman know exactly how she feels about her.  She finally agrees to go, but only because Matt insists.

Tami and Eric (Kyle Chandler) stop at a bar to drink some scotch and talk about their problems.  Tami wonders whether she should follow Katie's advice and stalk the board members, and Eric ponders whether he should bench Saracen and put J.D. in the game.  He doesn't want to let Matt down, but J.D. is one of the best quarterbacks he's ever seen.  Tami thinks his agonizing is completely sexy and admirable.  Coach quizzes J.D. on some plays later, and also wants to know what the kid does on his off time.  He wants to make sure J.D. can handle the pressure if he does get pushed into the spotlight.

Tami wears her hair down and conveniently runs into Paul in a diner.  She explains how helpful the JumboTron funds could be for academics, but it's obvious he's siding with the Boosters.  In another awkward diner moment, Landry sees Tyra and Cash hanging out and holding hands.  He puts the pieces together and figures out that Tyra lied to him about the family emergency, which quickly leads to an argument.  Tyra declares that she's choosing Cash and that things between them are over.

Shelby shows up with some groceries at the Saracen house, but Matt doesn't want her around.  It's too weird for her to show up with food and baby pictures as if nothing ever happened.  He tells his mom to leave as Julie (Aimee Teegarden) looks on, feeling unable to help with the situation.  Over at the Taylor house, Tami wonders if she was wrong to pick a fight over the JumboTron.  Eric tells her she's been right all along, and that at least she had the guts to stand up for what she believes in.  Aw, they're the best couple ever.

While Coach and Smash drive to Texas A&M, Matt meets with his mom.  She explains that she'll never forgive herself for leaving him, and that all she wants is to help him with the numerous burdens he's struggling with.  Matt agrees to let her stick around, but he probably won't be calling her "mom" anytime soon.

Smash is in his football gear and ready to impress, but the college representative wants to reschedule things for next week.  Eric pulls the coach aside and begs him to give Smash a chance, and once the guy realizes how passionate Eric is he agrees to let Smash do his thing.  He takes to the field and mixes it up with the A&M team, impressing everyone with his awesome skills.  The A&M coach isn't ready to break out the champagne, but he promises he'll be calling soon.

Eric decides to let Matt start on Friday, but J.D. is also going to play.  He's going to rotate the quarterbacks, which is an unorthodox move, but one that's fair to everybody.  Meanwhile, Tyra meets with Landry to patch things up.  She thinks that what they had was truly special, but she sees him more as a friend than a boyfriend.  Nobody likes to hear the "let's be friends" speech, so Landry tells her to go.

Tami announces to the Boosters that they'll be getting their JumboTron, but she's also volunteered Buddy to hold an auction to raise funds for academics.  Over at Smash's house, he gets a call from Texas A&M telling him he got in, and that they want to meet with him the next day. Yay!  Excuse me for a moment while I cry uncontrollably watching Smash share the news with his family.  He also tells Coach, thanking him for everything he's done to help him.  As Friday Night Lights comes to an end, Smash tosses the ball one last time with Tim, Landry and Matt.

Smash may be gone, but the good news is that Jason Street returns next week!  Be prepared for some serious baby mama drama.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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