Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.12 "Underdogs" Recap Page (1/2)
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.12 "Underdogs" Recap Page (1/2)
Last week on Friday Night Lights, things between Joe McCoy and JD finally exploded. Mrs. McCoy and her son are currently staying at the Taylor’s house. Oh, and there’s a little thing called the state championships looming on the horizon.

At the pep rally before the state championship game, Tami’s (Connie Britton) told she has to call child protective services on the McCoys. Obviously, it’s a rule and a responsibility but after helping out JD and Katie, she doesn’t want to do it. Evidently, Eric (Kyle Chandler) is under the same mandate to report the incident. He offers to be the one to do it but Tami says she needs to be the one to take care of it.
Child protective services shows up at the McCoy’s house. Joe doesn’t do a good job convincing the CPS people that he’s a reasonable man when he starts yelling and asking for a lawyer. When informed that they could take away JD, he calms down.

The Panthers are to play South Texas, the best high school football in the state. They are clearly the underdogs for the game and the boys are scared. Coach Taylor announces that Landry has made it onto special teams. After practice, JD confronts Eric about the child protective services coming to his house. When Eric admits to calling them, JD freaks out on him. He tells coach Taylor, “I play football for you now, that’s it” and then walks out.

Lyla (Minka Kelly) starts to have issues living at Tim’s (Taylor Kitsch) place due to the general un-cleanliness and a little problem named Billy, who might be distracting Tim from his bright furture when he buys a beat down garage that he’s going to fix up and open Riggins Rigs. When Lyla has lunch with her dad to tell him she’s going to San Antonio State with Tim, Buddy invites her back home and she agrees.

Landry (Jesse Plemons) edits Tyra’s (Adrianne Palicki) college essay and tells her she has to rewrite it because it’s horrible horrible. He runs over to her house right after being promoted to special teams to tell her he’ll be playing in the game and she doesn’t seem to appreciate how excited he is about playing. She finally admits she won’t be attending the game because of her essay. When he seeks the advice of his teammates at the pre game party, they just tell him to shut up about it and drink.

When the team loads the bus to leave, Coach Taylor confronts Joe and asks to work together for JD’s sake. Joe declines his offer of friendship and tells Eric he can handle JD on his own. Matt realizes that Landry isn’t on the bus to Austin and calls to wake him up. Landry runs over to Tyra’s house and asks for a ride. She agrees if he helps her write her essay.

Matt (Zach Gilford) plans to go to art school in Chicago but when he tells his grandmother, she tells him he can’t go. While watching practice in Austin, she starts to ask Julie about it. Julie explains that Matt is really talented and she finally admits she doesn’t want to be the one holding him back. It also seems Julie shares in her fear of losing him.

JD’s obviously in a horrible mood still and Eric has to ask him to “leave it off the field.” Tami also pulls Katie aside and apologizes for calling Child Protective Services. Katie then tells her that she wants nothing to do with her.

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