Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.11 "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" Recap Page (1/2)
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.11 "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" Recap Page (1/2)
Last week on Friday Night Lights, JD McCoy defies his dad and sneaks out to see Madison, Lyla’s father gambled away her college savings on a bad investment, Tyra gets Landry to help her study for the SAT then returns the favor by getting his band a gig at the local bar, and Coach Taylor caught Julie and Matt sleeping together.

This week, Tyra’s (Adrianne Palicki) helping Mindy and Billy set up their wedding registry and is planning the bridal shower despite her SAT woes. She recently took the test but thinks she didn’t do as well as she needed to. Mindy wants her bridal shower to be classy so she asks Tyra to plan a “tea."

Madison comes to watch JD’s football practice and when he goes over to talk to her, Coach Wade and Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) tell him he needs to get his head in the game. After practice, Coach Wade calls Mr. McCoy to tell him that JD was “not himself” during practice because of Madison’s presence. Obviously, Mr. McCoy’s not too pleased.

A plan to redistrict Dillon into East Dillon and West Dillon has come up. Coach Taylor doesn’t think it will ever happen but Tami (Connie Britton) explains that they really need the funding this time. At the board meeting, the presenter points out that if they split into Dillon High and East Dillon High, the schools will receive 25% more funding per student. The PTA president puts Tami on the spot at the meeting and she tells them it’s the only way to receive the state funding that they desperately need. Obviously Coach Taylor isn’t too happy that half his team might be attending East Dillon.

Landry (Jesse Plemons) runs into Tyra at the grocery store as she tries to prepare everything for Mindy’s bridal shower tea. Landry tells her that his band was asked back to the club for the next week. Tyra tells him about the bridal shower plans and when he mentions his mother’s scone recipe, Tyra infers (or rather manipulates him to believe that) he’s offering to help her.

Matt’s mother and grandmother get in the car to go to the market and Loraine jumps out of the vehicle as it backs-up down the driveway. They rush her to the hospital and the doctor tells Matt (Zach Gilford) that although she’s fine physically, her mental health is deteriorating significantly. He tells Matt that Loraine needs to be put into a nursing home. Matt would rather blow up at his mother than acknowledge this might be true. He storms off after telling her to go back to Oklahoma. Later that night, when Loraine freaks out on Matt about the slippers that are on her feet, Matt finally realizes that the doctor might have been right.

Lyla (Minka Kelly) starts drinking and hanging out with Billy and Mindy, which concerns Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). In the morning, Tim tries to wake Lyla up to go to school but she refuses. After practice, Buddy picks Tim up to talk about Lyla. Tim tells Mr. Garrity to give Lyla some more time and she’ll come back to him. Lyla stops by her house in order to grab her things and she finds out that she’s been accepted to the college of her dreams: Vanderbilt. This would have been great news if her dad didn’t lose all her college tuition money. Buddy shows up and she tells him she got into Vanderbilt before storming out.

Madison confronts JD about a phone call from his father. Evidently Mr. McCoy called up Madison’s parents to tell them that Madison is a bad influence on his son. Madison’s parents decided to threaten Mr. McCoy with a lawsuit and luckily for JD, Madison’s attraction to him hasn’t wavered.

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