Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.3 "Are You Ready For Friday Night?" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.3 "Are You Ready For Friday Night?" Recap
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Lyla (Minka Kelly) was still the best Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) ever had, Julie (Aimee Teegarden) broke up with Matt (Zach Gilford) , MacGregor, the new coach, kicked Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) out of practice, Jason (Scott Porter) found out about an experimental procedure that might allow him to walk again, Landry (Jesse Plemons) and Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) had sex.

Tonight on Friday Night Lights, Tyra and Landry wake up after their night of sex. He tells her that it was the best night of his life, but she says that it can't happen again. Tyra climbs out his window, but his father sees her leaving.

At football practice, the new coach punishes Riggs and makes him walk laps carrying a tire over his head until he collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. His teammates watch in silence. At the hospital, they can't release Riggs until his brother comes to pick him up, but nobody can get a hold of him. He doesn't have any other family they can call either. Lyla comes to visit him and invites him to come to church.

Jason Street is playing murderball. His buddies there tell him that he's crazy to put his hopes in the crazy stem-cell surgery in Mexico. His buddy tells him it's a scam and all they'll do is take his money and his dignity.

At TMU, Eric (Kyle Chandler) is running practice and one of his quarterbacks is having trouble. The head coach wants him to just cut the boy from the team, but Coach wants to keep working on him. Eric gets on the phone with Tami (Connie Britton), while Glenn is there fixing her ice maker. Coach isn't happy to find out that Glenn's got his hands in his wife's icebox. Eric and Tami discuss how Julie didn't tell either of them that she broke up with Matt. Later on, Tami asks Julie about her breakup with Matt Saracen. Julie acts like a typical teenager and gives terse, one-word answers without even looking up at her mom.

Matt tells Smash (Gaius Charles), who is now captain, that he should step up and act like a captain. Matt is definitely harboring some resentment toward the running back, but Smash just wants to do what's best for the Smash right now, since it's his senior year. He doesn't mind taking the spotlight away from Matt and his other teammates. Even at work at Not-Dairy Queen, Smash shirks his responsibilities in favor of flirting with girls, further upsetting Matt.

It's opening day! The first game of the season. The Coach MacGregor tells Jason to go over to Rigg' house to pump him up to bring his A-game tonight. But when he goes over, Tim's already drinking. He's thinking about quitting the team, anyway. Riggs rips into Jason for choosing to be a coach over being his friend, and for being a lousy coach to boot.

Saracen asks his grandmother's caregiver Carlotta why she doesn't do his laundry, as well as her own and his grandmother. But she says that doing his laundry isn't part of her job description, and shows him where the washing machine is.

Landry's dad, Glenn Morshower, asks Landry knowingly, whether he's making any new friends, female friends, now that he's a Panther. He also notices that Landry isn't wearing his watch that his grandfather gave him. But that's the watch that he lost when he dumped the body, so he's going to have a hard time showing his grandfather that he's still wearing it. Later on, Landry tells Tyra that if his watch is found and he's implicated, he promises that he will do everything in his power to keep her safe.

Riggs finds out that his brother is now in a relationship with Jackie, the neighborhood MILF with whom Riggs had relations, and has been seeing her behind his back. This is too much to bear, so he decides to take Lyla up on her to go to church. It's a huge megachurch, exactly like the kind that they show on TBN, with lots and lots of white people waving their arms in the air and crying.

Sometime after his first church experience, Riggs goes over to Lyla's house, who is partially dressed. She gets righteously indignant that he should see her in her bra when just last year, she was most willing to let him see more. But Riggs isn't there for nooky. He tells her that he felt something really strong at church, like he was part of something. Then again, maybe he is looking for nooky after all because he tries to kiss her. She pulls away and tells him to leave.

Buddy Garrity is upset with the state of Panther football and asks Coach Taylor to drive to meet him somewhere between Dillon and Austin. He tells Eric that the team is in shambles. There's no leadership and he thinks that it's all because of the new coach who is nothing but a big meanie. Buddy says that if Eric wants his job back, he can make it happen. He plays the family card and tells him that his family needs him at home.

Julie is out with the Swede and his friends, waxing poetic about a global warming apocalypse featuring Al Gore, all the while smoking some dope. Julie is still mostly a good girl, though because she passes the joint along without taking a drag. The Swede drives her home, and they make out in the car. Tami sees them from the window and runs out. She pulls Julie out of the car and orders her to get in the house, but Julie will have none of it. She tells her mother to go to hell, and then Tami slaps her across the face. Julie walks away as Tami's face settles into perfect heartbreak.

Tyra is working at Applebee's. One of her patrons is Landry's dad who asks her straight out if she's dating Landry. He says that Tyra can pretty much have anyone she wants, so what could she possibly see in his son? Tyra tells him that Landry is kind and caring, but he should know that, being his father and all.

It's Friday night and the first football game of the season has begun. Tyra is in the stands watching. Eric is back in Dillon and also attends to see how his former team is doing, which is decidedly not well. After the opposing team intercepts a Dillon ball, the players start bickering. Jason tries to offer some suggestions, but MacGregor dismisses him and says that he doesn't want to take coaching tips from the team mascot. Ouch. In one play, Matt gets sacked, but Smash recovers the ball and runs it into the endzone. Matt is clearly resentful and after the touchdown, he attacks Smash and gets into a mini brawl.

Eric comes home to Tami. Tami confesses that she slapped Julie across the face and cries in Eric's arms. Their family is falling apart and the emotion that these two actors exude just about brings me to tears.

Jason goes over to Rigg's house in the middle of the night. He tells Riggins that he quit the team, but not because Riggins had told him that he's a terrible coach. He quit because he doesn't like MacGregor and because he wants to go to Mexico for his stem-cell surgery. He is very angry at Riggins for not being a good friend, but they make up when Riggs offers to go with him to Mexico. That was easy.

Tyra climbs into Landry's bedroom window and kisses him. He tries to protest, but she just shushes him with another kiss.

Matt comes home, sore and hurt from his fight with Smash. Carlotta offers to massage his shoulder, and sings softly in Spanish to him while she tends to his injuries. At this very moment, Friday Night Lights is looking again like One Tree Hill, which worries me.

Buddy is asleep at his desk at the car dealership again when Eric shows up.

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