Debbie Chang's Top 10 Returning Shows
Debbie Chang's Top 10 Returning Shows
In BuddyTV's 2007 Fall TV Guide, we reviewed all the returning shows to tell you what’s worth watching according to three of our writers, Oscar Dahl, Debbie Chang and John Kubicek.

10. Beauty and the Geek

As you can see from my top 10 list, I don't watch too many reality shows, but I make an exception for Beauty and the Geek. As a former geek myself, I hate the unrealistic way geeky characters are written on scripted shows. But on Beauty and the Geek, you get the real deal, like Piao Sam from last season who wanted to be known as Pi. This is also a reality show where most people seem genuinely nice to each other; it feels good to watch all the contestants grow and learn to like each other

9. Scrubs

Back for its seventh and final season, Scrubs has consistently proven to be one of the best and funniest medical shows around. I'm going to miss it when it goes off the air, so I'm making sure to watch this entire upcoming season.

8. Family Guy

Family Guy's bawdy irreverence is a breath of fresh air compared to how stale The Simpsons has gotten of late. This season of Family Guy promises a Star Wars episode with the family dog Brian as Chewbacca and Stewie Griffin playing Darth Vader.

7. Boston Legal

Boston Legal is one of those shows that I never have enough time to watch. But I'll definitely be tuning in this year because Christian Clemenson has been promoted to series regular and John Larroquette has been added to the cast.

6. Ugly Betty

I've just been watching some reruns from the first season of Ugly Betty to remind myself of all the sudsy storylines that ended in one big mother of a cliffhanger last spring. Everything was left unresolved last season. Not only that, but this show is just good, campy fun that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's always a pleasure to watch.

5. The Office

The Office is arguably the best half-hour comedy on television today. Steve Carell is pitch-perfect as the inexplicably over-confident branch manager of Dunder-Mifflin. Fans of the Pam-Jim ‘ship, or “Jam,” as it were, will also find out whether or not they'll finally get together.

4. Grey's Anatomy

The third season of Grey's Anatomy got to be such a downer with all the major characters either breaking up, grieving loved ones, or nearly dying. Or all three, if you are Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Grey's Anatomy is strongest when it's not so laden with seriousness, and creator Shonda Rhimes promises a return to the light-hearted humor that made the first season so enjoyable.

3. How I Met Your Mother

I'm not a huge fan of multiple-camera comedies these days, but How I Met Your Mother is definitely an exception. Neil Patrick Harris makes all of his scenes—say it with me—legendary, and the show is just plain funny. And plus, my heart has gone pitter-patter for Jason Segal ever since the short-lived but brilliant Freaks and Geeks.

2. Heroes

I don't think I have to tell anyone how much Heroes rocks. I thought Zachary Quinto was superbly creepy as Sylar, and I'm anxious to see the new Big Bad, whom young Molly Walker (cute as a button Adair Tishler) assures us is way badder. Also, as a huge Veronica Mars fan, I can't wait to see what Kristen Bell will bring to the show.

1. Friday Night Lights

The number one reason why I am turning on my television at all this fall is to watch the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights. Moving to the kiss of death time slot of Fridays at 9pm is not going to be a deterrent as I have rearranged my social calendar such that I no longer have any standing commitments on Friday nights. I tuned in on September 1 (a Saturday night—see? I consistently prioritize TV over, you know, being social) for the Friday Night Lights marathon to watch the final three episodes of the first season, even though I had seen them all multiple times before. I have to pat NBC on the back because their promotions department really did a good job in getting me excited by showing clips of the next season. I don't want to give anything away, but I'll just say one thing: Landry is the man, man!

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Not happy with this list? Check out Oscar Dahl's Top 10 and John Kubicek's Top 10. Whom do you agree with the most? We'd love to read your comments.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV