Watch ABC's 'Forever' Pilot Online Now
Watch ABC's 'Forever' Pilot Online Now
Carla Day
Carla Day
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What would it be like to be immortal? That's Dr. Henry Morgan's (Ioan Gruffudd) life on ABC's new Fall drama, Forever. For over 200 years, he has died and come back to life over and over again. In his current interation, he's living in New York City and working as an exceptional medical examiner with the hopes of uncovering the mystery behind his immortality.

ABC has released the Forever premiere episode online early as a sneak preview for viewers to check out. It's available at and also on HuluPlus (see below).

"Every time I die, I return in water and I'm always naked. ... Now you know about as much about my condition as I do. All I know for certain is that the pain is real. It's just the dying part that's not." - Dr. Henry Morgan after coming back to life in the pilot.

Watch the Forever premiere now!

Forever is at heart a procedural show. Dr. Morgan will examine deaths each week as New York City's star medical examiner, but the series will continue to reveal more about Henry's long life through flashbacks, as well as, the mythology surrounding his immortality.

At this summer's TCA Summer Press Tour, Executive Producer Matt Miller cleared up a few questions about Henry's condition.

What happens when he dies and disappears? "Logistically what happens is that he actually disappears and everything on him disappears. So if the pocket watch, for example, had been on him during the pilot, it would have been lost," Miller said.

"In the pilot, he lands on the roof of the taxicab by the end and there's an indentation on the roof of the taxi. That indentation stays even if he leaves, so the evidence of what happened stays. So if someone wanted to be very curious about it, they would see that there's this mark on the side of the taxi."

Unlike some immortal creatures, such as in most vampire mythologies, Henry can reproduce. Though, it's not something that he's likely to want to do given his years alive, "He can reproduce," Miller said.

"The idea of the characters' chronology through these couple hundred years is that he did have children and he did watch them pass away by virtue of age or any affliction that could happen, and the pain of that is what made it very, very difficult for him to ever do that again."

Forever premieres on Monday, September 22 at 10pm ET and then moves to its regularly scheduled time slot with episode 2 on Tuesday, September 23 at 10pm ET on ABC.

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