'Flavor of Love' Nominated for Fox Reality Award
'Flavor of Love' Nominated for Fox Reality Award
Reality TV is nearly universally singled out whenever someone is making a “We're going to hell in a basket” argument about the rapid decline of values in popular culture. Flavor of Love is usually near the top of the list of examples of the worst of the worst for its over-the-top and unapologetic crassness.

However, the show is still quite popular, as is its spin-off I Love New York, which is set to air its own premiere today.

And some people not only watch the show as their guilty pleasure, but want to reward it with its own very special accolade. It's been nominated for a 2007 Fox Reality Channel Really Award in the category of Favorite Fight.

The fight, of course, was the Saaphyri vs. H-Town smackdown that happened only moments into the girls' arrival at Flavor Flav's house. Saaphyri wanted a bed that H-Town had already claimed, and the confrontation quickly escalated from there.

The fight broke up, and afterwards, Saaphyri offered up a touching prayer about the incident: " Lord, please forgive me for beating this b**** a** today, Lord. Lord, please forgive me for thinking about beating her ass again, Lord.”

Saaphyri didn't have to worry about acting on her impulse, though, as she was removed from the Flavor of Love house after the fight. It all turned out all right as she went on to win Charm School.

The competition is tough in the category, five strong contenders, two of whom come from other Flavor of Love-related shows. The other nominees are:

Last year's Favorite Fight winner was a Flavor of Love event – it was the Pumpkin vs. New York spitting incident. Clearly, Flavor Flav has built a veritable dynasty of memorably trashy reality moments.

The results will air exclusively on Fox Reality Channel on Saturday, October 13 at 10pm Eastern.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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