Flavor of Love: Hotlanta Strikes Back!
Flavor of Love: Hotlanta Strikes Back!
No matter how real you may come off in front of a camera, the producers and editors of the show still have a hand on how you will be portrayed by cutting out some clips and making an entirely different story about how you were on the show.  The same can be said for Hotlanta of the third season of Flavor of Love.

She recently wrote on her MySpace blog her thoughts on the competition and most importantly, the reunion show, wherein Flava Flav decided to propose to the mother of his children, Kim, instead of season 3 winner, Thing 2.

"Keep in mind that I lived [the reunion show] so just like the regular episodes.  I know that there is a lot of editing that takes place, but I was really disturbed and disappointed by the editing of the reunion," Nikki Jamz, more popularly known on Flavor of Love as Hotlanta, wrote in her blog.

Hotlanta continued to say that the reunion show served as a venue for all the cast to come clean and express their feelings about the competition.  However, she felt that they weren't given any justice by the producers.

"I was told by the producers that this would be my opportunity to clarify everything with the viewers," she wrote.  However, it seemed that all the things that she was able to express to the audiences were cut out of the final film.  In fact, Hotlanta was able to discuss some things such as Sinceer's custody of her children and Flava Flav's thoughts about Hotlanta being a single mother.  However, all of these weren't show in the final cut.

"All of that was not shown and it bothered me," Hotlanta wrote.  "One thing I have realized is that reality television is not reality.  The drama is, it is not scripted and some of the 'characters' are not actually characters, they are who they are."

Hotlanta was very upset that the show tended to focus on her negative qualities, saying, "The reunion show really woke me up.  Why would you focus on me drinking?"

Moreover, Hotlanta felt that the show has falsely portrayed most of the women on the show.

"The entertainment and television world puts in the minds of all these females this is what's cool, this is what's not, this is sexy," she wrote.  "[The industry] gives this image to these young ladies that unless you are this, you are unacceptable."

When it comes to Flava Flav, though, Hotlanta has nothing but support for him.  She wrote in her MySpace blog, "I wish them the best and I can understand him wanting to have his family together, so you can't hate him for that."

Fans who can't wait to see Hotlanta again will have to look out for her new reality show, a Lions Gate film called Oblivious, where she is also featured in, and a FOX show which she will be co-hosting next year.  It seems that Hotlanta is on a roll, so don't forget to check back for more updates!

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Hotlanta MySpace
(Photo courtesy of VH1)

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