Gina Holden Connected with Co-Star in a 'Flash'
Gina Holden Connected with Co-Star in a 'Flash'
When Gina Holden first met Eric Johnson, there was an instant feeling of familiarity.

“When we met at the audition [for Flash Gordon], I felt like I'd known him forever,” Holden said of her co-star.  “I think I was meant to work with Eric.  We have a lot of the same philosophies.  He's the lead and he sets the tone.  He's a joy.”

Holden and Johnson both star in the modernized live-action version of Flash Gordon.  Johnson plays the show's eponymous hero, while Holden appears as Dale Arden, a television news reporter and Flash's former girlfriend.

Holden told TV Guide that she was drawn to the role as she is an avid comic book fan.

“I'm a big comic-book nerd, and Dale's a dream role.  She's right there with Flash during the adventures,” she said.  “Also, she was always pretty feisty, and I love that because I'm feisty, too. This modern version of Dale doesn't hesitate [to join in the fight scenes].

Holden believes her background and training as a ballet dancer helps her to handle the physical demands of the job.

“It's so technical and specific, but you also have to be calm enough to tell the story,” Gina Holden told TV Guide. “I love the challenge of that.”

Holden, 32, has always had a passion for acting.  Growing up, her family relocated often, and with every move, she would sign up for any community group in order to perform.  At the tender age of fifteen, she landed a modeling contract and headed off to Japan, where she became the face of Shiseido cosmetics.

Although modeling proved to be a big professional break, Holden was more than ready to give it up in order to continue her pursuit of an acting career.  Upon her return to North America, she obtained a college degree and signed up for some acting classes.

Now, not only is she starring in Flash Gordon, she also has a lead role on the Lifetime network's supernatural drama, Blood Ties, which is slated to return for a second season this fall.

Between the two cable shows, Gina Holden gives more priority to Flash Gordon.

“I'm committed to Flash [Gordon].  That's my main focus,” she told TV Guide.

Tune in to Flash Gordon every Friday night at 10/9c on the SCI-FI Channel.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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