'FlashForward' Star Christine Woods' Tattoos Written into Character
'FlashForward' Star Christine Woods' Tattoos Written into Character
There may be but a few of us who noticed, but actress Christine Woods is inked. It's hardly visible under the long-sleeved jackets that her character wears on FlashForward, but we may want to take note. They've been incorporated into a huge plot point involving FBI agent Janis Hawk.

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Being on a sci-fi show was a lucky break for the star, who has three circles tattooed on the inner area of her arm. We'll eventually find out how this involves Janis and the story of FlashForward, something that's definitely intriguing.

According to Christine Woods, the reason why she got cast is because of the symbols on her skin. "This is what helped me get the job because people couldn't remember my name, but they remembered my tattoo. It's how I got the callback -- 'The girl with the thing on her arm,'" Christine Woods told Zap2it.

Executive producer of FlashForward Jessika Borsiczky confirmed the fact and said that they even gave the actress a nickname during the casting process. "I can say that her tattoos came before the show," she explained. "When we first cast her, we called her the Three Circles Girl. We didn't ever call her by her name."

As to how they figure into the FlashForward phenomenon, here's what Christine Woods had to say: "[The tattoos] might actually come up, the reason for them might come up, so it's sort of built into Janis."

If we're allowed to speculate, those three circles somehow match the tattoos that Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) saw in his vision. There were masked men who entered his office getting ready to execute him. What he glimpsed though, was the arm of one man inked with three stars.

They also appear on his big board of evidence, which of course Janis will stumble upon soon. She's probably already seen the three stars on it anyway.

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"I think I might have inspired the three stars," Christine Woods exclaimed. "That's just what I think."

Source: Zap2it
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