Demetri Noh's 'Flash Forward' Might Not Be What He Thinks
Demetri Noh's 'Flash Forward' Might Not Be What He Thinks
He didn't see anything, but he didn't exactly see himself dead.  Agent Demetri Noh (John Cho) is one of the characters on Flash Forward that really blacked out when the whole world "blacked out."  He believed that it meant his demise on or before April 29, 2010, and even though it sounds like an expiration date for a pack of hotdogs, it's not.

Demetri was more than worried that he'd end up like that female officer they encountered in Utah, who didn't have a flash-forward herself.  Furthermore, his theory was supported by a mysterious call he received at the end of the second episode, "White to Play."  But (and a big but) there's more to the lack of a vision than what this agent believes.

Possible spoilers below.

On an interview with Movieline, actress Gabrielle Union who plays Demetri's girlfriend Zoey revealed her own flash-forward.  What's very shocking about it is that she saw her boyfriend in it.

"I have a 'flashforward' that's a little different than his, as he doesn't have one, and I'm insisting that he was in mine," the actress explained . "But I believe that we are getting married.  I think that's what I see."

It sounds pretty similar to Aaron (Brian F. O'Byrne) and his flash-forward, which is seeing his supposedly dead daughter alive.  Whatever the case, there's something really fishy about this global phenomenon on the show.  That's even an understatement.

Union went on to say how this whole plot-point is supposed to be kept secret.  "The [producers] are Fort Knox-y.  If you say something, they'll track you down!"

Revealing this little snippet of Flash Forward might just mean Union is in tune with the role she plays . According to the actress, Zoey is a "really smart character who is not in-your-face or a know-it-all."  Perhaps this would really help in solving the mystery of the blackouts, and eventually calm Demetri as well.  The only question is, why hasn't she told him of her own vision yet?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Movieline
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