James Woods Back with a Vengeance on 'Family Guy'
James Woods Back with a Vengeance on 'Family Guy'
Sunday on Family Guy, James Woods revisits Quahog, Rhode Island in the episode aptly dubbed “Back to the Woods.”  Woods is back and he has one mission in life – to get back at Peter.  It's an evening full of back-to-back vendetta when Family Guy returns with another new episode on Sunday from 9-9:30pm.

In other news, StarWarsShop now offers one-of-a-kind layout sketches from the recent Family Guy: Blue Harvest special.

First up, in this week's Family Guy installment, veteran and award-winning actor, James Woods, returns to his former stomping ground Rhode Island.  Woods is back after being locked in a crate and is hankering for some sweet vengeance against Peter.  Woods goes on to assume Peter's identity, subsequently moving in as head of the Griffin home.  To get back at him, Peter proceeds to ruin Woods' career and image.

Woods had previously guest-starred on Family Guy back in the fifth season offering entitled “Peter's Got Woods.” In that episode, Woods gives his support to the initiative that would turn the high school named after him from James Woods High School to Martin Luther King Jr. High School.

In related news, several of the unique layout drawings from Family Guy: Blue Harvest became available on StarWarsShop Tuesday.  Considered the last remnant of traditional hand-drawn animation in this age of computer graphics, the collectible layout drawings measure 11”x13”.  They depict a handful of the pivotal characters from the Family Guy: Blue Harvest special, and include a numbered 20th Century Fox gold foil seal, as well as a certificate of authenticity from the network.

Meanwhile, here's a bit of trivia for both Family Guy and NBA fans.  Boston News paid a visit to the Boston Celtics' practice to find out, among other things, whether the rumors about many of the Celtics being fans of the animated series were true.

“Yeah, the credit goes to Kevin [Garnett] and I,” Scott Pollard, the Celtics center, admitted.  “Both of us are Family Guy fans and we started watching it before the games.  The first time they see it everybody says, ‘Oh, that's stupid, that's terrible.  I'm an adult, I don't watch cartoons.'  Then they watch two or three episodes and they say, ‘I'm flipping channels at home and I can't stop watching that stuff.'  I don't watch TV but when it comes out on DVD I go out and buy it and watch it then.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX, StarWars.com, Boston News
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