'Fairly Legal' Interview: Michael Trucco Talks About Justin's Personal and Professional Life in Season 2
'Fairly Legal' Interview: Michael Trucco Talks About Justin's Personal and Professional Life in Season 2
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Fairly Legal returns for its second season on Friday, March 16. When it does, viewers can expect several changes since last year.

BuddyTV recently visited the Vancouver set of Fairly Legal and had a chance to talk to series co-star Michael Trucco (Justin Patrick) about his role going into season 2. What did he have to say? Keep reading to find out.

WARNING: There are some minor Fairly Legal spoilers scattered throughout this article. Proceed at your own risk.

Political Aspirations
Although Michael Trucco's character of Justin Patrick was already a successful assistant district attorney in Fairly Legal season 1, the character will seek even greater success in season 2.

An incident early in the Fairly Legal season 2 premiere soon puts Justin on a political path -- running for San Francisco District Attorney against his boss, DA Aaron Davidson (played by Caprica star Esai Morales).

Trucco seems pretty happy with this expansion of Justin's Fairly Legal universe. "I want to see Justin do what he does," Trucco explained. "He's a prosecutor, and he's a trial attorney, and I wanted a chance to see Justin in his domain."
How will Justin's political aspirations fare? It's tough to say. District Attorney Davidson looks to be something of a career politician, unwilling to give up his office without a fight. And that fight will continue all season without a certain outcome. Michael Trucco himself did not know what was coming. "I think there's value in stringing it out a little bit," he said of the campaign timeline. "I'm not sure if... the obvious choice is Justin becomes the new DA of San Francisco, or is it, can you mine more drama out of the fact that maybe he doesn't?"

Because of the ongoing political campaign story, we won't see Justin just as Kate's ex throughout the season. According to Trucco, "Justin is just not a singular entity for Kate's purposes only" during season 2.

Justin and Kate
That's probably good. Because things might get a little rough between Justin and Kate in Fairly Legal season 2.

Justin's first hurdle, with respect to Kate, may come in the form of competition: another man will enter Kate's life in the season 2 premiere. Ben Grogan (Fairly Legal newcomer Ryan Johnson), a hotshot lawyer who descends upon Reed & Reed, will be a major draw on Kate's attention throughout the year. And Justin isn't necessary going to like that.

"My hair was up a little bit on the back of my neck," Michael Trucco said of his character's response to Ben. "I'm the guy in this show. I'm Kate's guy. I'm her man, and suddenly we introduce a character who's spending a lot of time with her."

The arrival of Ben might pale in comparison to another problem coming between Justin and Kate. Early on in Fairly Legal season 2, Justin gives Kate some news that thoroughly alters the dynamic of their relationship. "Let's just say that that weighs heavily on the direction of the nature of the relationship," Trucco explained. "There is definitely a dynamic, a shift in the paradigm between Justin and Kate."

Justin's news causes problems in the short term, but the end result might be different. "Weirdly enough, I think it almost brings the characters closer together," Trucco continued. "I think it breaks down a few doors that may have been up before."

Where Justin Will End Up
Even Michael Trucco doesn't know the end result of everything happening in Fairly Legal season 2. But the actor did promise both surprises and fun in store. "I'm having a blast," he said of the season. "I'm really having a good time."

Fairly Legal season 2 premieres on Friday, March 16 at 9pm on USA.

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