'Entourage' Season 7 Premiere: Vincent Chase is a Bad-Ass
'Entourage' Season 7 Premiere: Vincent Chase is a Bad-Ass
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Every year it seems Entourage promises that the group of boys will finally grow up and become men. For season 7, it looks like that might finally come true. After six seasons of hanging out, buying expensive cars and scoring as many chicks as is humanly possible, the boys are moving up to the next level.

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Ari is now the biggest agent in the world, a job title fitting his ego. Eric is happily engaged to Sloan. Turtle is running his own business, the limousine service with sexy chauffeurs. And Vincent Chase is tired of everyone thinking he's a loser, so he agrees to do his own stunt in his newest movie directed by Nick Cassavetes at great risk to himself. I'm guessing this film is more Alpha Dog Nick Cassavetes and less The Notebook Nick Cassavetes, based solely on the number of people on fire.

The only character who may not yet be changed is Johnny Drama, but then he's the only one I never want to grow up. Eternally stuck as second fiddle in his own sibling rivalry, Drama spent the first episode of season 7 doing what he does best: freaking out over not having a job. The CW holding contract is eight weeks from expiring and he still doesn't have a show.

He wanted to do a remake of The Fall Guy with Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly (a pretty cool casting choice), but the network gave it to Dean Cain because he's better looking. We'll ignore the fact that the CW would never put someone as old as Dean Cain as the star of a show, but it still has to hurt to find out Clark freaking Kent is hotter than you two decades after the fact.

We also get yet another piece of Johnny Drama's resume. Over the seven seasons he's listed a whole lot of random TV guest spots, and tonight we learn he once fell down the stairs on My So-Called Life. I must've missed that episode.

If Entourage can actually keep these guys moving forward and not have them relapse into a bunch of frat boys going to clubs and trying to bang famous movie starlets, season 7 could be the comeback the show desperately needs.

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