'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Elimination: Arrivederci Elisabetta!
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Elimination: Arrivederci Elisabetta!
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Elisabetta Canalis was the second competitor eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. Despite her lovely good looks, despite her improved scores and despite stumbles from her competitors, Elisabetta just couldn't keep going. It's time to figure out why.

Like all DWTS eliminations, we can of course attribute Elisabetta's ouster as a simple combination of poor dancing and viewer votes. But that's never all. In Elisabetta Canalis' case, the most likely culprits behind her week 2 elimination from Dancing with the Stars are her unfamiliarity, her attitude and her partner.

Who Is Elisabetta Canalis?
Most of us were likely perplexed by the inclusion of Elisabetta Canalis on Dancing with the Stars. Her name and accent would have tipped you off that the lady was a foreigner. Her looks indicated a model. But that's all.

Alas for Elisabetta, she suffered that all-too-common DWTS problem of being famous due to proximity. Although she's a known face on Italian television and might be vaguely familiar to fans of Leverage (on which she played a small, recurring part), most people know Elisabetta Canalis -- if they know her at all -- as the former girlfriend of George Clooney.

Since the pair are no longer dating, there was no chance to get George Clooney into the audience for a taping of Dancing with the Stars. And if there's no George, why would we care about his ex?

Have a Little Fun!
We know that we're not going to get professional-quality ballroom dancing out of the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars. That's OK. But we still want to see the star having fun.

Elisabetta, however, never seemed to be enjoying herself. She was serious and even angry in her rehearsal footage. On stage, Elisabetta had an almost deer-in-headlights look of terror most of the time. Even those light-hearted backstage interviews seemed forced and unpleasant when it came to Elisabetta.

Maybe it's a cultural thing that didn't translate well for this Italian. But, considering the number of foreign stars (not to mention professionals and judges) on Dancing with the Stars, that seems unlikely.

Even when she danced well, Elisabetta looked like she wanted to be somewhere else. Viewers were happy to oblige.

The Lesser-Known Chmerkovskiy
Having a brand-new professional partner isn't turning out to be a good thing on season 13 of Dancing with the Stars. With the removal of Peta Murgatroyd and Val Chmerkovskiy in the first two weeks of the season, only Tristan MacManus remains as a first-time pro partner.

This can be attributed to poor dancing by the celebrities as well, but it's not good to downplay the importance of the DWTS professionals. Most longtime fans of the show like to watch their favorite pro dancers from season to season, and a newbie has to work extra hard to inspire that devotion.

When you have a pro like Val Chmerkovskiy, who seemed notably prickly, it's even tougher.

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Are these the reasons that Elisabetta Canalis was eliminated? Or was it something else? Leave your comments below!

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