5 Things You Need to Know if You've Never Seen 'Elementary'
5 Things You Need to Know if You've Never Seen 'Elementary'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
CBS's new hit series, Elementary, has been given quite the honor. They got the coveted post-Super Bowl slot and will be airing a special episode after the big game. 

But if you've never seen Elementary and decide to watch it after the game, things might be a little confusing. Which is why we've come up with a handy-dandy guide to help new viewers understand what's happening on the show. 

This version of Sherlock Holmes takes place in New York

While most of the other incarnations of the Sherlock Holmes story have taken place on the streets of London, both past and present, CBS's version is set in modern-day New York City. But just because they don't film on the foggy streets of London, that doesn't mean that Sherlock and Watson are without snappy winter wear. Sherlock may not wear an overcoat or smoke a pipe on the show, but he does often wear whimsical scarves to stay warm. 

This Sherlock is both similar and different from previous versions

On Elementary, Sherlock Holmes is just as cocky as he is nearly always portrayed, and yes he does occasionally play the violin. But that's where most of the similarities to the literary version end. As stated above, this version of Sherlock does not walk around in a long coat smoking a pipe and wearing that very recognizable hat. He is an investigator, or at least a consultant, who helps out the NYPD. He's a troubled character who has almost a kinetic energy about him most of the time, while at other times he can be incredibly quiet and introspective. 

Watson is a woman and she's Sherlock's sober companion

This version of Sherlock has been through a lot of stuff and at one point in his life he turned to drugs. But then he got clean, moved to New York and his father hired him a sober companion. That's where Watson comes into his life. To keep him from using, she moved into his home and the two of them couldn't be without contact for more than two hours at a time. Watson's job was just temporary and officially her time is up, but she has decided to stick with him. Sherlock doesn't know that she's not being paid at the moment, as she's told everyone that his father wanted her to stick around a bit longer. 

Sherlock recently did a very bad thing

Like we said, Sherlock is a guy who's been through a lot and of the things he suffered was the murder of the woman that he loved. A couple episodes back, Sherlock was positive that he found the man responsible for her death and using his incredible intellect, as well as some borrowed resources from the NYPD, he tracked down the man and had every intention of torturing and murdering him. It was while Sherlock was in the midst of carrying out his plan when a new surprise emerged. As it turned out, the man he thought killed the love of his life hadn't done it at all, but he did give Sherlock the name of the man who did: Moriarty. We haven't met Moriarty yet, but Sherlock is still working on finding him. 

Sherlock and his friend, an NYPD captain, recently had a falling-out

Sherlock got his gig helping out the NYPD as a consultant thanks to his good friend, Captain Gregson. The two of them worked together in London and Gregson remembered how helpful Sherlock was, so when Sherlock moved to London, Gregson offered him a consulting gig. They were really good friends right up until Sherlock did that awful thing he did and Gregson hasn't forgiven him yet. Sherlock was even suspended from consulting for a while, but has now been let back on cases. The friendship between them is definitely strained at the moment. 

We hope you've found this guide helpful. Now that know more about the show, are you planning on checking out Elementary immediately after the Super Bowl? 

Elementary regularly airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on CBS.

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