'Dynasty' Recap: Thanksgiving at Gunpoint
'Dynasty' Recap: Thanksgiving at Gunpoint
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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It's Blake and Cristal's first Thanksgiving on Dynasty, and its one neither of them will forget! The newlyweds are still tending to the houseguest from hell. Yup, Cristal is trying to make amends for cheating with Matthew by caring for Claudia even after Claudia jumped in the tub with Blake. Is anyone else buying Claudia's memory issues?

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The family kicks off their annual Carrintons vs. the staff football game. Now that Steven is finally home for the holidays, he is Blake's secret weapon. Fallon on the other hand is no longer welcome at the family Thanksgiving holiday after she makes out with half the staff before the game even begins. You almost feel bad for Fallon when she calls Jeff to catch up with him for the holidays, but he lies and says that he is already about to board his jet.

Michael Has a Secret

After being rejected by her family and Jeff, Fallon shows up at the church where Michael serves on Thanksgiving. She wants to help. He knows why she is there and he wants her gone, but when his parents see Fallon, they want to meet her. And she wants to meet them. They couldn't be prouder that Michael is the first vice president of the family. It looks like Michael lied to his parents and Fallon is going to use it as leverage to manipulate him. 

Claudia's Violent Streak

Michael and the Carringtons aren't the only ones with secrets. Cristal has learned that Claudia fired her nurse after she disapproved of Claudia's love of benzodiazepine. Just when you think the sweet widow has a problem with pills, she also shows her violent side, hitting Sam over the head in the wine cellar after he sees someone was near the gun collection. She manages to get Anders down there too and locks him in. She really is the houseguest from hell! 

Thanksgiving Dinner
Cristal cannot find Anders or Sam. She sits with Claudia at the the beautifully set table. It only takes Claudia a minute before she pulls a gun on Cristal and begins to play out her master plan. She is there to make them as miserable as she is. When Blake and Steven come in, Claudia holds them all at gunpoint. It is Fallon's return they couldn't be happier for. Like a pro, Gallon gets Claudia talking. It seems she has been faking a brain injury ever since she found out Matthew was cheating. She couldn't take it anyone so she killed him! Maybe the Carringtons aren't so crazy? They manage to wrangle the gun away just as Anders and Sam make it up from the cellar. 

Being Thankful
It's hard to believe that the Carringtons could share a warm and fuzzy moment, but after being held at gunpoint, they all seem thankful for one another. Cristal apologizes to Fallon and vice versa. Steven and Blake getting along and Blake finally asks Fallon to come home. Blake tells Cristal it is the perfect time to make a baby. She seems hesitant but she agrees and at the worse time. The men who Cristal stole money from are in the U.S. and tye are looking for her. 

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