Dylan McDermott Returns to 'American Horror Story'
Dylan McDermott Returns to 'American Horror Story'
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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"Here, you will repent your sins to the only judge that matters," said Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) as she peered down at the helpless and crazy Kit Walker (Evan Peters). If you remember this line from Wednesday night's premiere episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, then pat yourself on the back for helping ratings reach an all-time high for the FX network.

With 3.85 million viewers tuning in to see what shenanigans would befall the characters of this second season of the franchise, creators Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy have outdone themselves, to say the least. The numbers outshine any seen from a single episode last season. And with Murphy making his latest announcement on Twitter just yesterday, ratings are sure to continue climbing.

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Yes, we have long since waved goodbye to the ill-fated Harmon family, but that doesn't mean that another familiar face couldn't rejoin the present cast. Murphy took to his his official account (@MrRPMurphy), tweeting, "So thrilled to announce Dylan McDermott is returning to American Horror Story!" This raises so many questions.

Will McDermott be admitted to the asylum alongside Kit? Perhaps he'll portray a member of the clergy or another doctor. Then again, after portraying a psychologist last season, this probably won't happen again. AHS is also notorious for jumping in and out of various time periods. Since the bulk of the show is set in the 1960s, will he be of this era or a later one? Only one episode has aired and waiting for these questions to be answered will surely drive us all crazy!

There are no dates announcing McDermott's return yet, but keep your eyes peeled. AHS: Asylum airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX.

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