'Dracula' Recap: Romances and Bromances
'Dracula' Recap: Romances and Bromances
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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So I know I was supposed to care about Mina's conflicted feelings for Grayson on this episode of Dracula, and maybe pay more attention to how her whole engagement thing is going with Jonathan, but honestly? I say, bring on more Grayson/Renfield!

But the episode really wants me to care about Mina and Grayson, so it opens on Mina having a dream about the mysterious American businessman. You know, that kind of dream. The kind with lots of kissing and shots that cut away just as they are about to get interesting. 

Lucy wakes her up to get ready for her engagement party before things get too hot and heavy, which is a shame. The more shirtless Rhys Meyers on this show to keep my attention, the better. 

The Experiment

Grayson is, at first, focused on an experiment he has Van Helsing doing on another vampire to further their work towards finding a cure for Grayson's vampy ways. People are getting suspicious of him, he says, and he must be able to walk in the sun again soon. 

I do feel like, if I was working with the guy, I'd find it strange that he's never out during the day. But maybe the Victorians were used to people's strange habits. They certainly weren't able to gossip about them on Facebook.

Anyway, later, Van Helsing and Grayon hook up the female vampire to a machine and at first shock her with 1,000 volts of electricity. Van Helsing listens to her heart, but it's not beating. So they up the voltage to 3,000 and...success! Her hearts beats, and Van Helsing injects her with his super secret serum. 

At first, when the sun shines on her, she doesn't burn. But this success doesn't last long, as soon her feet, and then the rest of her body, eventually bursts into flames. Grayson cries at least one single manly tear about this, for the record.

To wrap up the Van Helsing and Grayson interactions, Mina "introduces" them near the end of this episode of Dracula at her engagement party, but they pretend not to know each other. Just after this introduction, Van Helsing spots Browning, and briefly flashes back to the fire that, if I recall, killed his family, and a man resembling Browning was there. Interesting.

Jonathan's Choice of Company To Keep

Mina and Jonathan's engagement party takes place this episode, and it causes a whole lot of problems considering it's supposed to be a good time. For example, Mina has seen the guest list, and it includes quite a few of Jonathan's fancy schmancy new business friends, and excludes many of his old buddies. When she tries to confront him about this, he blows it off, saying it makes sense that since he's moving up in the world, a few of his old friends will no longer be a part of his life. Harsh, dude.

The real reason Mina is upset about this is that she's afraid if Jonathan treats his friends as expendable, how is she supposed to know he won't eventually treat her the same way? She unloads this on her father when he tells her he's happy she's found such a great man, so, way to ruin his father/daughter heart-to-heart, Mina.

But at the party, Jonathan realizes he was an assh**e, and he does invite one rather offbeat friend, so Mina is reassured. She tells him she will always remind him of who he is, so, yay for them!

Who Does Alexander Grayson Love?

Meanwhile, if everyone remembers from the last episode of Dracula, Renfield was kidnapped by someone hired to figure out Grayson's weakness, specifically to determine who or what he cares about. You'd better remember, because it's kind of a big deal this episode. 

The hired woman has Renfield tied up, and she tells him that all she needs is the answer to one question and what she is about to do to him will end. She laments some about how her "profession" is getting tedious, because all baddies have to monologue at some point, and even though Renfield warns her there will be repercussions, she starts to torture him. The question he has to answer to make it stop? "Who does Alexander Grayson love?"

And duh, guys. Obviously Grayson loves Renfield. No, I don't mean in the romantic way, unless you're into that sort of fanfic, but in the bro-mantic way. Because even when Van Helsing tries to get Grayson to focus on the experiment, even when there's a party going on at his house for the engagement to the woman of his dreams, and even when Jonathan tries to tell him Shaw is taking bribes to affect his business dealings, Grayson's focus is on Renfield. More specifically, finding Renfield. 

He tells Jonathan once Renfield has been missing for nine hours, but tells him not to alert the police. Jonathan says he'll take care of it, and he makes good on this promise when he brings Grayson Renfield's notebook, found at the scene where he was abducted. 

All the while, Grayon is thinking of how he and Renfield met. Apparently, twelve years prior, he and Renfield were both in a train car when Grayson tried to make a business deal that quickly went south. The man he tried to strike a deal with, Mr. Havisham, signaled for his men in the car to pull their guns, and it looked like Grayson was about to be in a lot of trouble when Renfield stepped in.

Now, I'm not entirely sure why Renfield stopped the whole thing, except for the obvious conclusion that he's just awesome, but when Havisham and his men attacked Renfield after, Grayson was not about to let the man's good deed go unrewarded. And by that I mean, once Renfield was bloody and barely conscious on the ground, Grayson brutally murdered the guys who hurt him just a few feet away. Ah, yes. The start of a beautiful bromance.

A Man of Secrets

When Grayson gently tends to Renfield later, it is revealed in another flashback that Renfield once trained to be a lawyer. But due to some stupid racism on someone else's part, he was imprisoned and left penniless and friendless. 

As he is being fitted for a suit, he tells Grayson he is grateful for the chance to work with him, but wants to know why he was selected to do so. Short answer? Grayson needs a lawyer. Other short answer? He, too, knows what it's like to be an outcast. Renfield tells him he can only work for a man who trusts him completely; Grayson says he will tell Renfield all his secrets, and that his life would never be the same. Little did he know.

Back in present-Dracula time, Grayson uses the smell on Renfield's notebook to track down where he's being held. When he arrives, Renfield is still being tortured, but he starts to laugh when he spots Grayson in the rafters. Probably because he knows Grayson is about to do some serious damage to the fools in front of him.

Grayson kills the people helping Renfield's torturer, neatly ripping one of their arms off, for example, then turns to Lady Torturer. She screams, but we don't see what happens to her next. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it probably wasn't good.

Trouble in Paradise

Back to the engagement party storyline, and at one point, Mina kinda sorta reveals to Lucy that she had a sexy dream the previous night, and that it kinda sorta didn't involve Jonathan. This gives Lucy some idea that perhaps not all is well in Mina/Jonathan land.

Jonathan makes a speech at the party that, in part, thanks Grayson, who arrives just as people are beginning to wonder why he hasn't made an appearance. In this speech, Jonathan offers Grayson the first dance with Mina, which turns out to not be the best decision he's ever made, go figure.

They dance, and Lucy makes some faces that indicate she knows who Mina's sexy dream was about. Jonathan apparently gets worried too, because he goes to cut in pretty quickly. Grayson has a hallucination or daydream or something where he slits Jonathan's throat in front of everyone, and damn dude, chill. You're the one that got them back together, remember?

When Jonathan goes to dance with Mina, she says she needs air and runs off. In front of everyone at their engagement party. They are both later seen thinking deep thoughts to themselves, which I'm guessing means they never ended up back at their own engagement party together. Uh oh. 

Also, Lucy is shown crying on the stairs later in the night, and I really do just feel bad for that girl. I hope she gets a happy ending, that doesn't even have to include Mina, but I have a feeling she won't.

More to Come?

Also of note on this episode of Dracula, Grayson watches Lady Jayne's reaction when he explains about Renfield, and takes in the smell of the guys she introduces him to after he shakes their hands, presumably to match their smells to that of the person who kidnapped Renfield. If I were them, I'd watch out for Grayson in the future, and not just because he's trying to ruin their careers and all.

Browning also warns Lady Jayne that people Grayson deals with often seem to end up dead, and she retorts saying the same thing happens to people he knows, because she is far better at comebacks than I am. He tells her that she isn't the first woman to be blinded by desire, but can you blame her? The object of that desire is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I think we can cut her a break.

In any case, I think Browning will continue to be one to watch in later episodes of Dracula. We should also expect Mina to have more feelings about Jonathan vs. Grayson, and hopefully see more awesome bromance moments with Grayson and Renfield.  

Dracula airs Friday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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