'Dracula' Recap: Love Bites
'Dracula' Recap: Love Bites
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Grayson wins Lady Jayne's heart while sort of still trying to win Mina's heart, and Mina might unknowingly have the affections of a certain close friend as well in this episode of Dracula.

Introducing Josef

Tonight's episode of Dracula introduces Josef Cervenka, who was once Grayson/Dracula's right hand man. Lady Jayne kills a few of his colleagues early in the episode, and she continues to hunt him throughout.

Grayson gives Josef a place to stay, but as Josef's careless nature comes out, shown in actions like recklessly killing kitchen staff and the like, Renfield has his doubts about him. And Josef has his doubts about the way Grayson is handling the Lady Jayne situation, so really, everyone just thinks everyone else sucks at making plans, apparently. 

But Grayson explains that they cannot defeat the Order one-by-one, that they've got to attack the source of their power: their wealth. Josef doesn't really get it, being more of a "kill first, ask questions later" sort of guy, but he goes with it at first.

Tainted Love

Meanwhile, Grayson continues his relationship with Jayne, who is unaware of his true identity. I'm not sure how she could be, since she's so intimate with him. Like, wouldn't she notice that he doesn't have a heartbeat? Would that not raise some suspicions for a vampire huntress? But anyway...

Renfield says Grayson should break it off with Lady Jayne, but Grayson instead wants to do the whole "keep your friends close and your enemies closer thing" and continue the relationship. He has dinner reservations made for them, but then stands Jayne up at the restaurant. It becomes clear that he wants to manipulate her, and later when she breaks off the relationship, he says it's because she has fallen for him, but she can't dominate him the way she's used to doing with men. 

This is after the two go to a mud-wrestling fight featuring two young women, which Jayne is apparently very into, and have rough sex afterwards. Whatever floats your boat, you crazy kids.

Josef is pissed because he feels that Jayne humiliated Grayson and begs him to let him kill her, and Grayson fakes being upset by the turn of events and tells him to "make her scream." But when Josef, loyal to Grayson to the end, goes to attack her, Grayson acts as if he is stopping the vampire and gives Jayne the chance to destroy Josef. He turns to dust, and Jayne rushes to Grayson and is gushingly thankful that he "saved" her, which is exactly what he wanted her to think, if his smirk is anything to go by. Sneaky!

This is all very convenient for Grayson, since Josef had also put two and two together about Mina's possible past life as Ilona, and although he told Josef to never mention it to anyone, Josef was not exactly known for his secrecy and subtlety. With Josef gone, he doesn't need to worry about it.

Jayne continues to be blissfully ignorant to clues about Grayson, and only barely questions why he was even in her house for the attack. It seems she has truly fallen for him, or, as Grayson says to Renfield near the end of this episode of Dracula, he has "sheared the tiger's claws." The Order has lost a great weapon, and all it took was Josef's sacrifice. He was the knight, and she the Queen, and Grayson's got the whole game figured out.

Jayne thinks she's killed the vampire they've been searching for by eliminating Josef, and the evidence she has for Mr. Browning, the dead vamp dust, seems to suggest she is correct. Of course we know she's not, but she gets to see Grayson naked, so I guess she has some reason to be distracted and not totally on her game with this one.

Wedding Bell Blues

Elsewhere this episode, preparations are in full swing for Jonathan and Mina's engagement party, which will be hosted by Grayson. And isn't that a crazy coincidence?!

Lucy is doing a lot of the planning for the party, and during her chats with Mina about the subject, it becomes more and more clear that she is upset with the turn of events. I think it's because she's in love with Mina, especially if her canoodling during their girl's night is any indicator, and that pretty much sucks for her. At one point she makes a comment about Mina being very clever, but in some things also very stupid, and in this case I'm inclined to agree. 

After Grayson gives a demonstration of the resonator to Mina and he protects her when the machine malfunctions, Mina becomes wary of his motives for wanting to host the engagement party, and suggests to Jonathan that they move it. So yea, she's a little bit slow with this one too, but she's catching on. I guess everyone just really loves Mina, and she's just completely ignorant to it all!

But Jonathan explains that it was Grayson who made him realize what a fool he was for almost losing Mina, and tells her to just let poor Lucy handle the whole thing. She agrees, so it looks like the party will go on as planned.

A Man Without Secrets

Grayson gives Jonathan an assignment this episode as well. He is to find out as much as he can about a General Shaw, who has ways to influence important people to order an attack on the Ottomans for oil. 

Turns out, this isn't an easy task, as Shaw doesn't appear to have any scandals or skeletons in his closet. But Jonathan catches a break when someone sends him a message to meet to learn more about Shaw. He meets a man who gives him a name and an address, for a small monetary price, and Jonathan doesn't question the information.

He goes to the address, where he finds a woman, Vera Markham. But that's all we know about this particular plot point by the end of this episode of Dracula.

Davenport's Revenge

Following Daniel's death, which is being passed off as a heart attack, and his father's suspicion of Grayson being involved, he hires a woman to find out what matters most to Grayson so it can be corrupted. 

This woman, Nora, somehow knows about Daniel's love affair, which spooks Davenport. She accepts the assignment despite the fact that it isn't sanctioned by the Order, and only for double her usual "fee." And at the end of the episode, she has Renfield captured. Is this woman a spy, an assassin, an expert on torture? I guess we'll find out in a later episode. 

Van Helsing's Assistant

I guess the writers decided they needed to show Mina being a little clever and remind us of why she was awesome in the first place, so they show her starting work as Van Helsing's assistant. When he leaves her in his office with several tasks, she snoops around and manages to find some hidden blood samples. 

But these aren't ordinary samples of blood. According to her explanation to Lucy, the blood is "alive," which it shouldn't be if the marked ages on the samples are correct. Looks like she might be one step closer to figuring out what's going on after all!

A Normal Man

This episode of Dracula brings back the storyline involving Grayson wanting to be a "normal man" again. Van Helsing has continued to work on the serum, and with Josef watching, Grayson tests the newest batch by putting his hand into a patch of sunlight. 

At first Grayson is delighted to feel the sun's warmth, but this happiness is soon marred when parts of his hand burn. But Van Helsing quickly figures out that the serum did work, but only around the injection site. So somehow, they have to figure out how to make Grayson's heart work to pump the serum to the rest of his body. Bit of an arduous task, considering Grayson's vampiric status and lack of a functioning heart, but I'm sure they'll figure something out.

Shaw's Assent to Attack

To wrap up the Shaw storyline this episode, Browning, Davenport, Jayne, and the Order have General Shaw and another general over as visitors. During the visit, a member of the Order kills the other general before Shaw's eyes. And when it is suggested that he make the attack against the Ottomans happen, he agrees. Guess seeing your buddy choked to death in front of you can be quite the motivator, am I right?

There's all sorts of questions left to be answered on Dracula, and we've only just begun! 

Dracula airs Friday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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