Is 'Dollhouse' Supposed To Be This Uncomfortable?
Is 'Dollhouse' Supposed To Be This Uncomfortable?
I was pretty excited to watch Dollhouse again.  There were a lot of questions raised, not to mention the many other questions left unanswered, and it'd suck to see all of them left hanging.  (After all, we almost never got to this stage.)

Two episodes into the second season, I don't know how to feel.

Episode one: Paul hired Echo to tackle one of his old cases back at the FBI.  Imprinted as an agent, she did everything to get to that British guy: marry him, have sex with him, get his good side, blah, blah, blah.  So here's this guy who vowed to bring down the Dollhouse and get Caroline out of it.  And here's the same guy, using her for his own ends?

Episode two: Echo was hired to serve as, as it turns out, an extremely glorified nanny for a client who can't look after his baby son after his wife's death.  She thinks her life, as well as her baby's, is on the line, and goes to every depth to keep both of them safe--because Topher mucked with her "on a glandular level" to give her mother's instinct.

Suddenly, something I didn't realize in the first season.  Back then, all we knew was, we have these humans whose brains are wiped clean, injected with different personalities as the need sees fit, and is tasked to do certain things.  Sure, we already had an idea about the moral implications (case in point: Adelle hiring Victor) but back then it felt pretty cool, at least until you start rooting for Echo breaking free.   Right now, though, we see that the seemingly harmless people are doing the most harm, at least on paper.  Say, what Topher did last week.

This season, reactions from viewers have been exceedingly mixed.  While some aspects still strike gold, many others just end up being frustrating.  All of a sudden, it seems many of those who are involved in the Dollhouses don't even know what they're doing in the long run, and whichever way you look at it, it seems the ending won't be as happy--that, considering what "Epitaph One" looked like.

Thought bubble: is Dollhouse supposed to be this uncomfortable?

Is it because we're just used to seeing the quirky, funny bits in television, even if they're few and far between in some shows?  Flick the telly to Dollhouse and we have something that seems hopeless, and that's putting it nicely.  I don't know if it's just me and my slightly unhealthy sense of attachment with the show, but I never expected to feel this rattled with the show as with the past couple of episodes.  It's so unsettling.

But maybe that's the point.  Before things get better, we're ought to see how bad things are right now--and, since we're just two episodes in, things surely could get worse--and then we will see what motivates Echo to break free, and what motivates Paul to take the Dollhouse down, and we'll root for them.  Maybe we're supposed to go through all the crap before seeing some sunshine, or whatever resembles it.

The catch is, however, people are getting too uncomfortable they're starting to stay away, and quick...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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