Dollhouse: Previewing Episodes 2.09/2.10 "Stop-Loss"/"The Attic"
Dollhouse: Previewing Episodes 2.09/2.10 "Stop-Loss"/"The Attic"
A quick realization I made after watching last week's Dollhouse, the second of three double-headers this month: at this rate, there's too much to handle.

So, after last week, we know that Paul and Echo have been working together. We know that they're planning to bust some people out of the Dollhouse, coordinating with Boyd on that one. And no, they don't really have Adelle on their side anymore, not after she regained control of her facility, and she's back to being ice queen extraordinaire. Oh, and Alpha's back, too, killing off all of Echo's previous romantic engagements, and then wondering why she'd go for Paul, so he wipes him clean.

Well, sort of, because the folks who've seen "Epitaph One" know he isn't... unless that guy isn't Paul anymore.

Okay. Maybe the three-month time jump got me confused, but it's interesting to know now that Echo, it seems, isn't exactly out to look for Caroline anymore. She is Echo now, she figured, the person (not an Active, note!) with the ability to recall imprints at will. Makes for one hell of a superhero, right? Then again, the headaches will get worse and worse, and once her brain just implodes, well... something is wrong with Echo.

Adelle thinks the same way, and on tonight's double-header, it seems Echo will be sent to the Attic. I mean, why else would an episode be called "The Attic"? The question, of course, revolves around what exactly we are dealing with. We only know we'll be dealing with her worse nightmares, and all the clues we have is of Echo fighting alongside Victor--who, by the way, has been released from his contract--and Mr. Diamond, who we last saw being sent to the Attic after being discovered as an NSC mole. And they're fighting together to avert an apocalyptic future, one possibly caused by whatever Topher made...

...and then there's Victor, whose military background will come to haunt him. Remember when I intentionally omitted Victor in my bit praising "Belonging" as the best Dollhouse episode ever? That's because he gets an episode focused on him, and that's on tonight. So his military background will endanger his future with Sierra. I don't understand how, because by then he's no longer an Active... but there were the connections established before Priya became Sierra, right? That should be it.

Dollhouse returns with two new episodes tonight from 8pm on Fox. The photos are no longer in their wiped-state, so go click them.

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