Dollhouse: Previewing Episodes 2.05/2.06 "The Public Eye"/"The Left Hand"
Dollhouse: Previewing Episodes 2.05/2.06 "The Public Eye"/"The Left Hand"
Well, this episode was supposed to be a two-parter anyway, so it doesn't make much of a difference to see both these episodes back to back. But that's not any of our worries. Welcome back to our television screens, Dollhouse!

Well, there is a bittersweet note in all of this. The show, of course, has been cancelled, and we haven't had new episodes since November, when Fox pulled the series off sweeps period. This month, we'll be seeing six new episodes--two each over three weeks--and while it's nice to see that the staff have been given ample time (and warning) to wrap everything up, still, it's a bit painful.

But, hey, tonight is the night we see Summer Glau, again! Back on Friday nights, ironically. Anyway, tonight's Dollhouse episodes sees everyone visiting Washington, D.C.--and for many purposes.

One, Echo is there to stop Senator Perrin from exposing the secrets of the Dollhouses. He's on the verge of doing just that: lately he's getting some pretty solid evidence, and within these episodes he'll find a surprise witness who'll testify against Rossum. Madeline? Most probably, unless they pull a surprise on us and bring Whiskey back.

Two, Adelle and Topher meet Bennett Halverston, the programmer of the Washington, D.C. Dollhouse--yep, that'd be Summer with her sling and her weird imprinting bed. She's got ties to Echo, apparently, and these two will get tangled up as things get complicated. I smell an explosion. I mean, look at the photo!

Three, Adelle will also face off with the head of the D.C. Dollhouse, Stewart Lipman--that'd be Reaper's Ray Wise. With the many issues going on in Los Angeles lately, I smell Adelle is out for the first of many power struggles. Topher, don't feel so powerless when you see two Victors.

Dollhouse returns tonight with back-to-back episodes from 8pm on Fox. The photos are right below. The questions? All up to you.

(Image courtesy of Fox)