'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Talks About Life After Racial Slur Scandal
'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Talks About Life After Racial Slur Scandal
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The aftereffects of his racial slur controversy may have brought dire consequences for Dog Chapman's television career, but it has certainly left a lot of room for growth and improvement for the bail bondsman.  Following the scandal, he is slowly trying to get his life back on track, and with the help of conservative civil rights leaders, is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of the public.

Just last Friday, Chapman returned on FOX News Hannity & Colmes to talk about his life, a month after he first appeared on the program and tearfully apologized for using the racial slur.

“Miracles do happen.  I just met some brand new friends and learn a lot of things and I just had one of the greatest times of my life today…and I'm trying to keep these answers very quick so I don't cry,” Chapman said during the interview.

In addition to his solid fans who continue with their campaign to bring back Dog the Bounty Hunter on the air, Chapman has also found support from his new found friends, Roy Innis, National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, his son Niger Innis, National Spokesman, and the rest of the members of the group, who are ready to reach out to advertisers and put in great efforts to bring the reality show back on air.

According to the civil rights leaders, Chapman, who spiraled out of control, is “genuinely sorry and has a greater mission for our country.”

Chapman was faced with one of the hardest predicaments of his life after a taped conversation wherein he can be heard repeatedly using the N-word was leaked.  Critics and conservative civil rights groups immediately called for A&E to cancel Chapman's reality series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, along with several major advertisers that eventually withdrew their support from the show.  Although this severely affected his career, it largely put a strain in his relationship with his son Tucker, who reportedly exposed and sold the tape to the National Enquirer.

When asked about his relationship with his son, Chapman said, “I'll always be his father and he'll always be my son…so the door is always open.”

“Where I stand personally is that I'm a better person since the last time I saw you and I am growing and learning to grow,” the Dog the Bounty Hunter star added.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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