'Dexter' Season 7 Trailer: Could Dexter Kill Deb to Save Himself?
'Dexter' Season 7 Trailer: Could Dexter Kill Deb to Save Himself?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Showtime has finally released a full trailer for Dexter season 7, which premieres Sunday, September 30 on Showtime. And while past teasers have hinted at the uncomfortable, potentially damaging effects of last season's big twist -- that Deb finally witnessed Dexter committing murder -- this trailer shows that, after so many years of masterfully hiding his "dark passenger" and manipulating his sister, this is one situation Dexter won't be able to talk his way out of.

Watch the trailer, then let's talk specifics below:

So: Could Dexter kill Deb? There was once a time when I thought that would never happen -- and I'm still not convinced the Dexter writers are cold enough to make it happen -- but that appears to be the big question of season 7. How far will Deb go to discover the extent of Dexter's secret -- and how far will he go to cover it up?

It's a little hard to piece together the story (yes, I am aware that's the point of a trailer), but we do get some solid glimpses at Deb and Dexter's unraveling relationship after she finds him in the church with Travis's dead body: They'll set the church ablaze, but that won't stop LaGuerta from discovering Dexter's abandoned blood slide. Which, with the help of Masuka (whose throat Dexter wants to/will slice?!), will lead her to the Bay Harbor Butcher case. A case that LaGuerta has extra incentive to reopen since, let's all recall, everyone still thinks the killer was her dead best friend, James Doakes. It's all coming together.

And it appears that the blood slide, and Dexter's uncontrollable rage, will lead Deb to digging up the Ice Truck Killer files -- and realizing that so many of these past unsolved (or incorrectly "solved") murders bear a striking resemblance to the crime scene in which she recently found her brother. (So much for that "snapped" theory.)

Her brother whom she recently realized she's in love with. Remember that season 6 plot line?

Which leads to the pivotal scenes in this trailer: Deb will "never be OK" with what she's discovered about Dexter. Which means Dexter is never safe as long as she knows. He'll end up knocking her out and standing over her with a knife ... but can he actually go through with killing his own sister?

As if things weren't complicated enough already, Dexter also has that suspicious, grudge-holding lab assistant, Louis Greene, to deal with -- by strangling him up against a wall, and later knocking him out. Will Louis end up as just another slide in the hidden box that Deb discovers?

So many questions! What do you think will happen on Dexter season 7?
Tune in for the first installment, September 30 on Showtime.

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