'Dexter' Recap: Tightening the Noose
'Dexter' Recap: Tightening the Noose
On this week's episode of Dexter, the homicide division learns more about Gellar while Dexter gets up close and personal with Travis. Quinn and Batista look for a lead in Tallahassee which leads Quinn into possibly complicating things.


Dexter is busy in the lab looking at the angel wings that were attached to Erin when she was killed. At first he finds nothing, but then he finds a small repair. He is then called into the conference room for Deb's briefing on the Doomsday killer. It turns out that more numbers, this time 1244, were found in Erin's throat. Masuka's far less attractive new intern points out that the number 1260 appears in the book of Revelations, so the numbers may be a countdown. After the briefing, Quinn awkwardly asks for his engagement ring back.

Meanwhile, Gellar and Travis are praying in their church, which would make an awesome haunted house this time of year. It appears that they need to start looking for their next target, the Whore of Babylon. I think that's the name of a strip club, so they should probably look there first.

Meet Travis

Dexter is leaving the office when he runs into Brother Sam. The two decide to get together that night, then Dexter goes to the museum to find out about painting restoration. Instead of getting real help, he is told to watch a video about how the museum restores paintings. During the video, which is being watched by way too many people, Dexter sees Travis working. He tries to ask who the less useful museum employee ever who the man is in the video, but he is shushed. He is called out to a crime scene and quickly solves the crime for the ineffective Anderson.

That night Travis and Gellar go to a bar that looks like it would have at least 3 "X"s in the name. Travis spots a newspaper with Gellar's face on the front page naming him as the Doomsday killer. Gellar decides to leave Travis in charge of getting the whore, so Travis goes down to the docks and spies on a party boat that would put the Minnesota Vikings to shame.

Date Night

Dexter is at home learning more about Travis when Brother Sam comes over with a six pack of beer. They start to talk about how Dexter came to work in homicide and Dexter tells Sam about seeing his mom getting murdered. Sam then tells him a story that is a lot like the song "This Little Light of Mine." While they're busy chatting, Travis has found his target. She drunkenly tries to walk from the boat, but her Hooker-Heels are making it hard. When she tries to take them off, Travis grabs her but is thwarted away by a bunch of witnesses.

The next morning, Dexter waits at Travis' apartment for Travis to go to work. When he leaves, Dexter breaks in and finds an old Bible that has page numbers matching the ones found on the dead bodies cut out of it. He steals a page and leaves. That same morning, Quinn and Batista talk to Prof. Porter, who used to be Gellar's teacher's assistant. Quinn soon matches her old title of TA with her actual T&A and starts to hit on her despite Batista's groans.

Hit and Run

Quinn decides to take Porter out to a bar and liquor her up to get laid. Batista tries to stop Quinn, but Quinn's libido knows no bounds. He eventually has Porter take him back to her place to get their freak on. The next morning, Batista comes by to pick up Quinn when he finds a box conveniently marked "Gellar" in Porter's house. He goes through it and finds an old journal that details the murders in drawings.

Travis and Gellar find their "whore" who is walking through a parking lot with a guy. Gellar then forces Travis to hit them with his car and stuff the woman in the trunk. If they really wanted a whore couldn't they just proposition one in the shady side of town? It would leave them with lower car repair bills.

Uncomfortable Meeting

Travis goes into his car to leave his job at the museum when Dexter pops up in the back seat and starts strangling his with a piano wire. How do all of these people never see a stranger in their car? Dexter forces Travis to drive him and is planning on killing him. Travis admits that he does not do the killings, but it is instead Gellar. Dexter decides to spare Travis and follow him to get to Gellar.

It looks like nothing can get in Dexter's way now to catch Gellar. But since we're only five episodes into the season, Brother Sam is murdered. There's a great way to stretch out the season.

I'm sad that Brother Sam is dead because I was really liking him as a character. I think the world needs more Mos Def. On next week's episode, Dexter hunts down the man who killed Sam, Quinn realizes that he may have screwed up the whole Doomsday investigation by sleeping with Porter and Gellar plans on killing the Whore.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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