'Dexter' Recap: The Big Decision
'Dexter' Recap: The Big Decision
On this week's episode of Dexter, the hunt is on for the man who shot Brother Sam. Dexter is then forced with a decision that could have a huge impact on the rest of his life, or at least for the final six episodes.

The Hunt

Dexter is following Travis through a market, waiting for him to lead him directly to Gellar. Dexter is interrupted by a call from Deb about Brother Sam. Dexter drops everything and goes to the shop. This is too bad, because Travis was right next to Gellar and this whole Doomsday problem could have been solved in no time. At the shop, Sam is being wheeled into an ambulance, still alive. Dexter shows his mad skillz at blood splatter analysis and impresses everyone in the room. He then steps away to check in with Harrison, but instead scrapes the dried blood on the bat from before for analysis.

At the lab, Dexter learns that the blood belongs to Leo, the new gang leader. Anderson tells Deb about the death of Julio and suspects that Sam might have been shot out of revenge. Deb goes to grab some coffee and hang out with the other guys, but no one wants to hang out with her anymore. Everyone except La Guerta that is, who appears out of nowhere like a ninja. But instead of hanging out, she just bitches at Deb, which I guess is as close as hanging out as you can get with La Guerta.

Prayer Circle

Dexter goes to the hospital to find out how Sam is doing. He is put into a coma, but there is a candle light vigil at the shop, so Dexter decides to attend. I always thought that these kind of things were for when people died, but some people just look for an excuse to party. At the vigil, Dexter finds Nick and asks him about Leo. At first, Nick is all like "Snitches get stitches" but he eventually gives up where Leo lives. Be warned Nick, your Stitches will be coming.

Back in the office, Deb checks in with Batista and Quinn about Porter. They tell her that the found out about Gellar's insane beliefs and throw in the fact that Quinn totally didn't bang the potential witness. They then find out that Porter was in an art installation for Gellar that may have been a warm up to the murders, so Deb tells them that Porter needs to come to Miami to answer some more questions. This may get awkward.

Goodbye Leo

Anderson, dressed in his best LeBron James imitator outfit, is on the hunt to find out who the new gang leader is after Julio died, and he finds a bum doing drugs near the shop. He politely asks the hobo for information by handcuffing the man's arm to his leg, calling it "flamingoing." Look out planking, a new internet phenom may have just been born. The guy gives up Leo's name so Anderson goes on the move. He arrives at Leo's house just as Dexter is waiting for Leo to come outside. Leo decides that the smartest thing to do when confronted by both the police and a serial killer is to have a shoot out. Good choice Leo, you saved yourself pain later.

Only Dexter doesn't feel as though justice has been done. Inside Leo's they find security tape of Sam's shooting and Dexter see's Eli the dog not barking at the shooter, which means that Nick is the shooter.

Back in the First Crazy Church of Miami, Travis is busy drawing his blood into a mason jar. He then puts the jar in the refrigerator along with other filled jars and takes out some food to feed the Whore. Travis has obviously never taken a food safety course, because you never store your blood above the meat.

Kiss and Tell

Dexter goes to Nick's house to investigate Sam's shooting. He finds a bullet lodged in the wall from when Nick shot at Sam earlier. The bullet is a match to the ones found at Sam's shooting. It looks like Dexter has a new victim. Dexter then gets a call and goes to the hospital where Sam has regained consciousness. Dexter tells Sam that he knows what Nick did and he will get revenge. Sam says that he needs to forgive Nick and let his anger go. That doesn't sound like something Dexter would do, but he has shown signs of change so far this season.

Meanwhile, Batista is busy questioning Porter when Deb tells Quinn to go in to help. Of course Porter spills the beans about sleeping with Quinn, which makes Deb go nuts about what this means to the case.


Gellar tells Travis that it is time for him to brand the Whore and get her ready for her death while he is out. Travis is about to do this when he has second thoughts and instead let's her go. We don't know much about Gellar, but I'm willing to bet that he won't be too pleased about this.

While the Whore gets her redemption, Nick's lies in Dexter's hands. Dexter takes Nick to the beach where he was baptized and tells him that he knows about the shooting and that Sam forgave him. When Nick finds out that Sam died he as at first sad, but then thrilled that he got away with murder. Nick is clearly not a fan of the show, because if he were he would know that Dexter's specialty is killing those who escaped justice. Sam told Dexter to let Nick go, but Dexter instead kills Nick in a more brutal way than he normally would. In the process he has turned even darker than before.

Every season of Dexter usually doesn't turn into must-watch television until the last three episodes of each season, but it looks like season 6 is upping the ante. On next week's episode, Dexter takes a walk on the wild side with the Ice Truck Killer, while Jonah decides to follow in his father's foot steps as the Trinity Killer. I really can't wait until Sunday!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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