'Dexter' Recap: Everyone Starts Saying Their Goodbyes
'Dexter' Recap: Everyone Starts Saying Their Goodbyes
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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At the beginning of this week's episode, we're three episodes out from the final episode of Dexter, so it's only natural that it's an hour chock full of goodbyes.

Too bad most of them are for characters that haven't made much of an impression, and many of them feel like half-hearted attempts at emotional moments.

Dexter spends the majority of the episode trying to set a trap for the Brain Surgeon while also preparing to leave Miami for good.

Vogel and her son Daniel (Oliver Saxon) are sitting down for breakfast as the episode opens. Vogel wants to prove to her son that she can be a good mother, but Daniel is angry with her and doesn't trust her. Daniel also quickly begins comparing himself to Dexter and says Vogel gave him a life with his "condition" but didn't do the same for her own son.

Later, Vogel goes to see Matthews at Miami Metro. He's asked her there to ask about Zach Hamilton, who everyone still thinks is just missing. After she leaves Matthews' office, Dexter asks to talk to her.

She confesses to Dexter that she's seen her son recently and that she wants to try and help him. She also accuses Dexter of using the idea of protecting her from him as an excuse to kill Daniel.

Her son is waiting for her when she returns home later and tells her to get in the car -- he wants to show her something. He promises not to hurt her and she gets in the car. 

Daniel takes her to his kill room where he killed his victims all season long. He makes her sit in the chair where his victims lay. Daniel says the room is like the treatment room where he would be sent if he didn't take his meds in the asylum Vogel sent him to as a boy. He tells her that he wants Vogel to teach him how to live free in the world just the way Dexter does. "I'm asking you as your son," he says. "Please help me."

Vogel agrees to "do whatever it takes."

Meanwhile, Dexter sneaks into Vogel's house to use her computer to hack into Daniel's. Dexter copies a video of Daniel killing Zach to a USB drive and leaves, while Ghost Harry warns him that he needs to take care of Daniel before he leaves town.

The next day, Vogel goes to see Dexter and encourages him to do the move to Argentina. He's suspicious right away, and when Vogel claims Daniel doesn't like killing, Dexter shows her the video of him killing Zach. "There's no hope for him," Dexter says.

Dexter suggests she sets up a meeting for that night so he can take care of him once and for all. Vogel agrees but not before asking Dexter to make sure he doesn't suffer.

Later that day, Dexter is setting up his kill room, which, readers please correct me if I'm wrong in the comments, we've only seen one other time all this season. (This is also something Ghost Harry remarks on.) 

Dexter is back home with Harrison and Hannah when Vogel calls to tell him that Daniel is over at her house right then -- something Dexter didn't want to happen. By the time he's able to get to her house, Daniel is ready and slits her throat in front of the window so Dexter can see. The episode ends with Dexter cradling her body.

Leaving Miami

Ghost Harry remarks throughout the episode that Dexter is not spending enough time focusing on keeping Vogel safe. This is because, the rest of the time, he's focused on leaving Miami for good.

At the beginning of the episode, Dexter and Hannah discuss how the marshal is still looking for her. Dexter suggests they get married so it's easier for them to get away by posing as a married couple with a son. 

Deb comes home to hear about Dexter's plan to move to Argentina with Harrison and Hannah. She's at first shocked at how stupid his plan is but then hurt that he doesn't think this decision affects her.

At a new crime scene, there has been a hit and run of a biker. Dexter tells Batista about leaving Miami, but we the audience don't see the act of him telling Batista because the show feels we need to witness the ridiculous scene of Masuka's daughter showing up to the crime scene high, only to be sent away by her father. Yes, that is literally all Masuka has to do this episode.

Back at Deb's place, Hannah wonders if both her and Dexter can have a fresh start when they move to Argentina -- perhaps one where they don't murder people?

Later that night, Deb tells Dexter that she wants him and Harrison to be happy, even though her "whole family is moving." While one can appreciate that Deb stills sees Dexter as her brother -- and eww, maybe potential love interest -- after the hell she went through at the beginning of the season because of killing LaGuerta last season ... isn't there a part of her that's happy he's leaving?

Deb is playing with Hamilton the next day when the US Marshal, Max Clayton, shows up again. Clayton is convinced Hannah and Dexter are together, and Deb has to lie to Clayton about their relationship. Deb quickly tells Hannah about Clayton's visit -- meaning, his remaining time on this earth is probably very short.

Unfortunately, Hannah has to leave Deb's house when Harrison gets hurt playing on Deb's treadmill -- something his father warned her against earlier. Hannah starts to get nervous when she takes him to the hospital that she's been recognized, but she takes him in to see the doctor anyway. Clayton comes in to the hospital later and realizes that Hannah signed in as Deb and brought Harrison in.

That happy ending both Dexter and Hannah are hoping for seems to be in peril with Clayton hot on the trail.

Quinn and the 2 Women in His Life

And just because there isn't enough to worry about in this episode, we get a lot going on with Quinn.

Early on, Jamie and Quinn are having lunch together when Jamie tells him she got an interview for a clinic in Atlanta. She doesn't want to move to Atlanta, but Quinn thinks she should try for it and promises her that they'll make it work -- Jamie is clearly hurt, however.

Later that day -- or perhaps another day -- Quinn is having another lunch. This time with Deb, who tells him that Dexter is leaving Miami. (She leaves out the part about Hannah.) She also tells him that Batista gave her her badge back, which means she and Quinn are back to being partners again.

Quinn goes home to see Jamie later that night at his apartment and tells her, "It's not working out between us ... is it?" He tells her he's sorry, but Jamie doesn't understand why he would let her move in with him. Jamie assumes it's because he's not over Deb, but Quinn denies it. She -- surprising to at least this viewer -- leaves angry and not sad.

When Deb goes to tell Batista officially she wants her job back, Batista tells her what happened between Quinn and Jamie. Deb confronts Quinn and asks him if he broke up with Jamie because of her. Deb finally admits she still has feelings for Quinn, and then she kisses him.

So while Dexter and Hannah might not get their happy ending ... will Deb and Quinn?

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