'Dexter' Recap: Another Brain Surgeon Suspect is Eliminated While Deb Hits Rock Bottom
'Dexter' Recap: Another Brain Surgeon Suspect is Eliminated While Deb Hits Rock Bottom
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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For just a moment on this week's episode of Dexter, you might have accidentally thought you switched channels to NBC and were watching Hannibal. In an odd coincidence, Dexter is indeed tracking a killer this week -- just not the one he thought he was.

The conversations with Vogel about Dexter's true purpose continue to remain the most interesting parts of Dexter this season, while Brain Surgeon, Quinn and other character subplots seem to just get in the way. It's the scene at the near end, with Deb handcuffed to a couch, however, that seems to pave the way for a dynamic episode next week.

Last week, we saw the elimination of one of Vogel's patients as the Brain Surgeon suspect; this week, another patient is eliminated. (If you're an ex-patient of Vogel, you definitely should run.)

Early on, Dexter arrives at last week's suspect's cabin. Lyle Sussman's body is no longer hanging; instead, he's made to look like he blew his brains out with a shotgun. The cops agree and Batista eventually closes the Brain Surgeon case, ruling a suicide ending for the Brain Surgeon.

Dexter knows better, however, especially when the Brain Surgeon sends His and Hers boxes with pieces of brains inside to Vogel. To Dexter, this means the Brain Surgeon knows he's involved, but isn't sure who exactly Dexter is. And the part of the brain he sends controls a person's vision, meaning he's watching.

(That also kills my theory last week that the Brain Surgeon was making people kill people to study their brains afterwards.)

The next Vogel patient Dexter goes after is Ron Galluzo, who is selling gym equipment at the mall. Dexter pretends to be interested and whips out Vogel's book to test whether or not Galluzo admits he knows her -- he lies and says he doesn't.

Dexter heads to Galluzo's place and realizes he's got spare body parts all around his kitchen -- for eating. Dexter eventually kills Galluzo at the end of the episode on his kill table.

Deb Hits Rock Bottom

Deb is awakened in her car by a cop at the start, sleeping off a drunken episode in which she seemingly forgot she knocked over a parking meter.

She reaches out to Quinn for help, which continues to cause tension with him and Jamie. Quinn doesn't go easy on Deb, however, and when she tries to compare her situation to one he found himself in in the past, he reminds her that his drinking was tied to her refusing to marry him.

Quinn reaches out to Dexter to try and reach Deb. Dexter tries to remind Deb of all the good she's done in her life by taking her out to dinner to see a guy enjoying dinner with his family -- the same guy Deb saved in a bar shoot-out a few seasons earlier.

Later, Deb re-watches the video from her phone in her car, drunk, before she heads into the precinct and confesses to Quinn that she killed LaGuerta. He doesn't believe her, of course. But he asks her to write everything down while he goes to call Dexter.

Dexter arrives with Vogel, who tries to calm Deb down. Since she's freaking out and Quinn's moments away from coming back into the room, Dexter puts a needle in Deb's neck and knocks her out. He then claims to Quinn she passed out so he can carry her out.

And that's how Deb winds up handcuffed to a couch. Vogel promises Dexter she'll help her, but it's a little hard to believe since Vogel asks Dexter coldly earlier in the episode why he didn't kill his sister when she found out what he was.

Knowing Vogel's view on Dexter and Deb's refusal to accept Dexter for what he is, and what knowing that caused her to do to LaGuerta, you have to imagine one of them is not going to survive their "talk" next week.

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