'Dexter' Recap: Breaking Free From Deb's Watchful Eye
'Dexter' Recap: Breaking Free From Deb's Watchful Eye
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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If last week was about Dexter's world closing in around him with Louis and Deb on his back, this week he tries to take care of business. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, Dexter's killing of Viktor becomes exposed.

Ready to Kill

Poor Dex, being suffocated by his sister's watchful eye, is able to keep his Dark Passenger calm. He sees death everywhere -- imaging him doing it, of course: there's the woman behind the desk at the post office, there's Vince who keeps being nosy during a station meeting and then he finally snaps with a suspect who's being smart with him. Dexter ends up choking him before Deb intervenes.

So yeah, Dexter is hungry.

He uncovers an easy target, Speltzer, who only works as a groundskeeper at a cemetery -- fitting, Dexter says -- but seems to have been a suspect in many brutal killings of women. He lets Deb in on his urge to kill and his plan, as he's trying to be honest. But the truth hurts, and Deb can't and won't accept that -- even when Dexter clues her in that Speltzer is ready to kill because he's shaved his head, which is a pattern he found from his mugshots.

But Dexter doesn't give up that easily, trying to find hard proof that Speltzer is a killer; but he has to do the work without Deb knowing he's still onto the guy. Deb doesn't seem to give up that easily, either. She believes in justice, in the law and tries to go the "cop" way of getting Speltzer.

Finding Hard Evidence

When LaGuerta shoots down the idea of getting a warrant, she suggests having a detail on him. But nothing out of the ordinary happens, and it seems Speltzer is turning in for a cozy night at home.

Meanwhile, Dexter breaks into Speltzer's mausoleum, where he finds a missing earring from one of the police photos of the victim, right there out in the open like a trophy. But he can't just take the earring because then Speltzer would know it's gone. But he can't send a photo of it to Deb, either, because there's no cell service in a mausoleum! The life of a serial killer is so hard.

After he leaves, he hears the message from Deb saying she's going to check out Speltzer's home to make sure he's behaving.

Freedom Comes With A Cost

After hanging out for a little bit in front of his home, Deb notices lights flickering oddly upstairs, and she heads for Speltzer's home. Hearing a scream, and with the door locked, she shoots her gun to make her way inside. The home is set up like a personal haunted house maze, complete with dizzying lights and crazy decor.

Basically, Dexter proves Deb right. He comes to her rescue after Speltzer sneaks up on her, dragging her into a room by her legs. Thankfully, Dexter gets there just in time, saving the day. Except Speltzer escapes, free to kill at any time.

He has to escape in order for Deb to understand why Dexter does what he does, even though she hates it. A necessary evil, she says. So she lets Dexter go. They're no longer roommates, and she won't watch him like a hawk. But everything's changed, even though he doesn't believe they have.

Out of Dexter's Hair -- For Good

Louis finds out the hard way not to mess with Dex. Because he'll come after you, having the hand from the ice truck killer's case "delivered" to the station, prompting Masuka to fire him because a note reveals Louis sold it. Not only that, Louis comes home to find Jamie watching the video of him and the hooker, prompting her to dump him. When Louis says it's a hooker and doesn't count, you know something is a bit messed up in the head.

Filled with rage, Louis is on Dexter's boat, fiddling with it to make it sink ... except he's caught in the act by the Ukrainian bad guys looking for Viktor's murderer. The bad guys had been led to Dexter's boat because they were able to track a GPS inside a bracelet of the woman Viktor had in the car. Although it no longer was trackable, they were able to see where the track died -- at the boat.

I was expecting Louis to be killed with the drill he had been using on the boat, but they let him go. In a hurry, Louis admits everything -- it's not his boat, but Dexter Morgan's, who works for Miami Metro. Louis is let go, but not before he's shot in the head.

Now we'll never know what Louis' grand scheme was for Dexter, if he even had one. I feel a little cheated that Dexter wasn't the one who took care of Louis, since now the bad guys know who killed Viktor. I just can't settle for Louis just being a creepy stalker with an obsession for Dex. But now I have to.

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