Dexter: Preview of "The Damage a Man Can Do"
Dexter: Preview of "The Damage a Man Can Do"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
On the last episode of Dexter, Miguel offered Dexter a new potential victim though he wasn't so sure if she fit the Code.  Disappointed, Miguel was understandably angry, making Dexter believe the new friendship was in danger.  Meanwhile, Rita found out that Sylvia is beginning to suspect her husband, which is Miguel, was having an affair.  Debra was forced to tell Anton that he was being used as bait to lure the Skinner.  Of course, they now need to find a new way to find the Skinner, which kind of made Anton feel good about Debra.

On the next episode the Showtime series, Miguel brings Dexter another “project.”  The difference this time is that he wants to get his hands dirty and go at it hands on.  As such, Dexter starts thinking if it's time to teach Miguel the Code for his own safety as well as Miguel's.  Now as Dexter walks Miguel through the process, Dexter struggles with (and enjoys) letting Miguel into his private world so completely, but doesn't realize that this has only aroused Miguel's appetite.

Meanwhile, Rita finds herself losing control because of the pregnancy and becomes worried that Dexter may get fed up with her.  Debra finds herself one step closer to catching the Skinner thanks to her hard work.  Yet when she discovers a secret about her new boyfriend Anton, he disappears on her.

In other Dexter news, Entertainment Weekly previously reported that Desmond Harrington, who plays Joey Quinn on the series, will appear on the hit CW series Gossip Girl as Bart Bass' younger brother Jack for a multi-episode arc.  However, don't be worried that this means his character – Debra's new sparring partner – will be scratched off on Dexter.  The series is done shooting so it won't really do anything.

Catch Dexter tonight on Showtime.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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