'Dexter' Premiere Recap: How Long Can Deb Keep Dexter's Secret?
'Dexter' Premiere Recap: How Long Can Deb Keep Dexter's Secret?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The second to last season of Dexter picks up from last season's cliffhanger -- sort of -- while setting up storylines for the rest of the season. If the premiere is any indication, it's going to be a very busy and entertaining season.
Needing, Then Finding, The Answers

The Dexter/Debra scene where she finds her brother holding a knife through a man gets a short delay as we first see Dexter on the run -- to the airport with fake IDs. More on that later.

One side of Deb, the police side of her, is trying to make sense of the situation. She wonders how Dexter was able to pull off the killing and asks police-type questions. The other, sisterly side of her wonders if he's hurt. Hey, Deb, there's a man who was stabbed and it's not Dexter!

She ends up helping Deb get rid of the body, even going so far as getting gasoline that leads to the church getting burned -- all making it look like Travis set up his own suicide. And then with the rest of the department at the scene, he deflects attention away from the body so Dexter can peel off a piece of plastic from Travis' foot.

She helps him, but that doesn't mean she isn't suspicious. The gears go off in her head, she gets some old case files and has a flashback of how she was set up on a table, bound with tape by the Ice Truck Killer -- just like Travis was.

With that image in her head -- case file photographs and Dexter's knife set, blood slides and more -- the evidence is just too much for Dexter to deny that, yes, he's a serial killer.

Debra's reaction to this whole saga is about how I expected it to be. You can't expect her to turn a blind eye. I believe she only helped Dexter at first because the mess needed to be taken care of immediately, and she needed more time to process and analyze what she just saw.

The actual scene is a nail-biter. Deb's agonizing face. The wheels in Dexter's head turning, trying to figure out how to weasel his way out of it. 

Ukrainian Mob Business

We find out Dexter wasn't exactly on the run like we were led to believe at first. He's chasing after someone: the man, Viktor Baskov, kills Mike -- What?! We barely knew the guy! -- after the detective uncovers a dead woman in the backseat of the man's car.

Dexter tracks him down, following the code to the fullest: the blood on his shirt sleeve, the gunpowder residue before going off to the airport, booking a flight over a thousand dollars (hey, killing doesn't come cheap) and then following the man into the bathroom before tranquilizing him. 

On his death bed, Baskov informs Dexter he's a dangerous man with a ton of money. He's from the Ukraine, his buddy/partner own a strip club, and I'm sure they'll soon find out their killer pal never landed from his plane.

When Dexter kills this one, it's as if for that short amount of time, he's back in control of his life when everything else seemingly has a lot of holes.

What is Louis' Mission?

While at the scene with Travis' body, Dexter seems to slip twice: first, with the plastic left on the body and also his blood slide, which LaGuerta's keen eye finds in a pile of rubble. She finds out through Masuka that only one person in the department took glass slides out of the forensics room: Sergeant Doakes, aka the Bay Harbor Butcher.

From the previews, it appears LaGuerta might believe he's still alive. I'm not too sure where this will go, since Dexter killed him. It sort of just feels like a story filler.

But more interesting is creepy Louis, who seems to be on to Dexter. When Dexter headed to the airport, none of his credit cards worked to get gas. It turns out Louis canceled them all. Who is he and just what does he want? And more important, how does he know about Dexter?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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